Feel iOS 15 Before Release

iOS 15 is the upcoming major iOS release, and Silzee allows to feel iOS 15 before Apple release it to the Public.

Tap the tabs to feel the Silzee iOS 15.

( For PC - use the mouse for scroll )

Switch Account Password :- iOS 15

iOS 15 expected release date

Usually, Apple releases major iOS versions every year of September month.

So we can expect iOS 15 first Beta in 2021 September.

iOS 15 Support Devices ( Expecting )

iOS 15 will no longer be supported below Devices

iOS 15 Support Devices ( Expecting )

Switch Account Feature

Two users can use the same iPhone from the iOS 15 release. It is like the macOS Switch account feature. You can feel maOS Big Sur online from here.

New Control Center

According to some famous rumors, iOS 15 will have a new Redesign Control center.

Split View

Split View is a famous feature of the latest macOS versions. You can feel it from the iOS 15 release.

New notification

iOS 15 will have a new way to get notifications.

Change Mode

You can change modes from the iOS 15 release. From mode settings you can change Setting page color and font color.

Duel iCloud

Two iCloud logins in the same iPhone.

New Wallpapers

Those are the expecting wallpapers from the iOS 15 release.

App Lock

You can lock any Home Screen App from the settings and use a device passcode to unlock it. Image.

Change Theme

Jailbreak is the only option to change the iOS theme, But iOS 15 will change the theme default.

Change to 5 Icon Dock

Like theme change, users do not allow changing the home screen dock. But iOS 15 version users can add one more application for the Home screen dock.

Voice Assistant Change

From iOS 15, you can change Siri voice assistant

New Icons

3D type icon will be available with the iOS 15 release

Download iOS 15 Beta

Still iOS 15 in the developing stage. I Will share the Download file once Apple releases it to Developers. Until then, follow me on Twitter and enable the Twitter notifications.

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