Best Tweaked app stores

The Tweaked App Stores are the best ( Cydia / Sileo / Zebra ) alternative to get jailbreak apps/tweaks and themes for non jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

As you know still there is no proper solution for iOS 17.5 - 17 jailbreak and iPhone jailbreak ( iPhone 15 / 14 ). But once you download the following tweaked app stores, you can install the most popular jailbreak apps and tweaks without jailbreak.

Tweaked App Store List

This is the best-tweaked app store for installing jailbreak tweaks and Apps. All stores are fully supported to iOS 17.5 and below versions and the latest iPhone models.

Cydia 2

TrollStore logo

The Cydia 2 is the modern package manager for non-jailbroken devices. The Cydia 2 tweak manager can be installed without a jailbreak and it is an online jailbreak solution. From the Cydia 2 tweak manager, you can install the popular jailbreak tweaks. The Cydia 2 is also compatible with the latest iPhone models and iPad Models running iOS 17.5 to iOS 17.


xookzz App

Xookz is a newly released tweak app store and is maintained by the Xookz team. From the Xookz store, you can install Jailbreak Tweak, stock applications / Hack games / iOS lunchers / Themes, and many more applications. The Xookz is an online method and can install it without any software services like TrollStore / AltStore.

TuTuBox App Store

TuTuBox App logo

TuTuBox is a great App Store for installing Tweaked Applications. TuTuBox supports every iOS / iPadOS device running the latest iOS 16 to iOS 14 versions. Also, older iOS users are compatible with installing TuTuBox.


TuTuBox App logo

EonHub App Store is a new platform for downloading tweaked and hacked games, along with modified applications. It also lets you install other popular third-party app stores using the Apple EonHub method. This app works with iOS versions 17.4.1 to 15 on all iPhone and iPad models. You can even get apps like Unc0ver, Taurine, Odyssey, and EonHub directly from the EonHub website without needing a computer. Unlike other stores, EonHub offers a smaller, carefully chosen selection of apps.


TrollStore logo

Misaka is a non-jailbreak package manager that supports iOS 15.0 - 17.2 running A9 to A16. The Misaka also works with jailbroken devices.

The Misaka app is similar to the sileo application manager but does not require a jailbreak.

Download below Misaka IPA and sideload it from AltStore or Sideloadly methods.


TrollStore logo

TrollStore is Currently the most popular app store for iPhone and iPad devices. The TrollStore supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.6 Beta 5 versions. The jailbreak does not require installing the TrollStore store.
TrollStore jailbreak-free method supports the installation of jailbreak tweaks/apps to your iPhone and iPad device. logo

The Zeus Me is another great tweak store to install jailbreak apps/Tweaks. The Zeus Me is a free application and you can install KFD apps / Ensign apps / Trollstore apps for free.


Topipas logo

TrollStore is Currently the most popular app store for iPhone and iPad devices. The TrollStore supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.6 Beta 5 versions. The jailbreak does not require installing the TrollStore store.
TrollStore jailbreak-free method supports the installation of jailbreak tweaks/apps to your iPhone and iPad device.


Appbox logo

The Appbox is a one place store to install Jailbreak apps and tweaks. You can search and apps within one minute of time from the Appbox store.
The Appbox have games category / App category. If you have already installed TrollStore / scarlet or AltStore,you can easily install direct IPA.

Senumy IPA Library (World's Largest Library )

Appbox logo

The Senumy IPA library is the world’s largest IPA collection and you can install many popular IPA’s.
Once download the IPA files from the senumy, you need an AltStore / TrollStore or sideloadly methods to install.


TrollHub logo

The TrollHub is specially designed for the Trollstore applications. In additionally you can get Jailbreak apps / Utilities apps / Personalization apps / CarPlay apps from the store.

Scylla iOS

ScyllaiOS logo

This tweak store currently under mentarnce.

Zeus Store

Zeus logo

Zeus is a very famous store for installing Online apps and tweaks. From Zeus, you can install dirtyc0w jailbreak tweaks / TrollStore tweaks without a pc.
Some famous jailbreak tools like Xina Jailbrak / Unc0ver Jailbrak from the Zeus store.

Appcake Store

Appcake logo

Most popular App store among iOS users. Also, the most popular app store for installing Jailbreak Tools. So you can use Appcake as an alternative for the Silzee jailbreak tool install.
AppCake Cydia support version is available for jailbroken users. You can install it after adding the Appcake source.



The most popular app store for installing jailbreak tweaks/Apps without full jailbreak. The IPAAPPS is an online solution and you do not need to install ipaApps on your device.
Just click the below link and then open it from the mobile safari. Then you can install jailbreak tweaks/apps from it.



Sharklatan is a popular tweak app store and supports the installation of popular jailbreak tools online. Also, Sharklatan support installing Trollstore tweaks without a PC.

FlekStore Pro

Drag0nOS logo

FlekSt0re Pro is a continuously updating store for install tweaks. The new FlekSt0re Pro supports up to iOS 16.4 version.
From the new update, FlekSt0re Pro sign the below tweaks.
DBRemove3AppLimit • WDBFontOverwrite • VanishBar • Filza (cowabunga) • StatusMagic • Santander File Manager • ResSet16 • RespringCC • NoCameraSound • lock change • KillMyOTA



From the BuildStore, iPhone, and iPad users can install 600+ emulators, movie apps, games, and more without jailbreak.
The BuildStore is a perfect alternative for the cydia store and Apple store.



iPABox gives you a complete Jailbreak experience on your iPhone/iPad without full jailbreak. Currently, iPABox supports all the latest iOS versions including iOS 16.4 to iOS 16.


Rocket-Store logo

Rocket Store is a newly developed tweaked app store and currently supports all the latest iOS versions.
From the Rocket-Store,iPhone and iPad users can install the most famous Unc0ver / Taurine / Odyssey without computer support.

Bunny Inject

Bunny Inject logo

BunnyInject is another famous app store for installing jailbreak tweaks and apps. The Bunny Inject is a jailbreak-free method and you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad device to install the Bunny Inject app.


TuTuBox App logo

Newly released tweak store for installing tweak applications. From the Kurdstore you can install Jailbreak tools / Hack games / iOS Beta files / Repos to cydia.
Kurdstore is free to use and safe to use.

Tutu App Store

Tutu App logo

Another popular app store for installing iOS tweaked applications. Tutu app also supports iOS 16 to iOS 15. You can install No revoke applications from TutuApp VIP applications. But Tutuapp VIP is not free of cost.

NoCodeHub Store

NoCodeHub logo

The best iPA library for iOS 9 to iOS 16.3 versions. The NoCodeHub is an ad-free site and you can download the IPA files safely from the NoCodeHub app.


TweakStore logo

TweakStore is a 3rd party store iOS Download your Favorite tweaked Apps & Games app. The PC users can download the direct IPA files from the TweakStore and then can use Sideload method to install the downloaded IPA file.


TutuTweak logo

TuTuTweak is the best alternative store for Apple Store. The android version is also available as the PlayStore Alternative.
From the TuTuTweak store, you can install many tweak applications and tweaks.

Appinstallerios Store

Appinstallerios logo

Another famous App store to install Jailbreak tools Online. Uncover / Taurine / Odyssey jailbreak are famous tools that are available in the Appinstallerios App store. Also, you can install popular Jailbreak Tweaks / Apps / Games Apps from the Appinstallerios App store.
Also, Appinstallerios Developers sign the applications frequently and do not worry about the certificate being revoked.

Sideload Store

Sideload logo

With this store, you can install the Fugu14 untethered tool along with Unc0ver 14.
Apart from online jailbreak apps, you can install the most popular Jailbreak applications from this store without a PC.

Tweak Home App

 Tweak Home App logo

Newly released app store for installing hacked games / Modified games and tweak applications. Also, Tweak Home App supports the latest iOS 15.1 to iOS 15 versions running every iPhone and iPad Model.

Asterix Installer

 Asterix Installerlogo

Another popular Tweak App store to install Paid games / Paid Apps / Cydia applications. Also, you can install the latest Jailbreak tools without supporting PC or Mac computers.


 iOShaven logo

If you are searching the Tweak app store to install hack games for iPhones, This is the real source. You can get massive hacked games from the iOShaven app store.

CyrusHub Lite+ Store

 CyrusHub Lite+ logo

Add to home screen method can use to install CyrusHub Lite+ application. Around 1000+ Applications are available in CyrusHub Lite+.


 TopStore logo

You can get a massive collection of applications from TopStore. They divided all applications category-wise to search and install any application within a few seconds.
TopStore is a free store for iOS users. TopStore is also the best alternative for Cydia and Sileo third-party app stores.

AppWeleux Store

 AppWeleux logo

Best third-party app store for iOS users. But it has lots of ads. The appweleux team is doing regular updates, and you no need to worry about Apple App revoking.
Both Jailbroken and non-jailbroken Devices are fully compatible to install appweleux. Just copy and paste the below link on your Mobile Safari and tap the install button.

PandaHelper Store

 PandaHelper logo

The popular app store for Tweaked Apps and Hacked games. Also, the PandaHelper team is doing regular updates, and no need to worry about revokes.
Highly recommended as a Cydia Alternative and Sileo alternative. Both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users can use PandaHelper.

ftOS App Store

 ftOS App logo

A very famous app store for a massive collection of apps and games. Also, iOS users can customize the ftOS interface. Except for customization, ftOS gives features like > View Apple Devices Specs / Jailbreak Checkr / Buy iGameguardian.

TweakDoor App Store

TweakDoor App logo

Another popular app store for Tweak applications. Also, the most popular third-party app store for Modified tweak applications.
TweakDoor App store supports both Jailbroken and Cydia-installed iPhone and iPad Devices.
You can check all TweakDoor App updates from their web.

iPA4iOS Store

iPA4iOS logo

Another alternative for Jailbroken Cydia store is to install Jailbreak applications and Tweak applications. Also, you no need to jailbreak your device to install iPA4iOS.
Open this page from your iPhone / iPad Mobile Safari to install the iPA4iOS application.

Emus4u Store

Emus4u logo

Great source to install Paid games and Applications without paying. Also, just like other tweak application stores, you no need to jailbreak your device to install Emus4u. Make sure to open blow Emus4u install link from Mobile Safari to install.

Cokernutx Store

Cokernutx logo

The most popular latest tweaked app store among iOS users and over 1 million active users using it.
Also, Cokernutx is popular for simulator applications and modified Games.

iOSGods App Store

iOSGods App logo

Like the iOShaven app store, you can install massive paid games free from the iOSGods Application. Also, you can install popular Tweak apps like Carcube / PlankFilza / Kodi and Jailbreak tools from the iOSGods application.

AppValley Store

AppValley logo

At this time, Appvalley is the best source to install Tweaked Apps / Games / ++ Apps.
AppValley has two stores. One app is available for subscription. The latest iOS users and the latest iOS devices can use AppValley to install Cydia applications because full jailbreak is still not available for A13 Devices.

TweakBox Store

TweakBox logo

Most popular App store among iOS users to install Tweaked applications. Over 10 million iOS users are active in TweakBox and are available to more than 5000 tweaked applications. Also, more than 404K Twitter followers are available on the tweakbox Twitter account.

Scarlet Store

Scarlet logo

Scarlet is an Innovative 3rd party store for iPhone and iPad. The Scarlet has Jailed Tweak Injection / IPA Sideloading/ App Management and repo system and many valuable features.

Tweakra1n Store

Tweakra1n logo

Dynamicd3v is the developer of Tweakra1n Store and currently, you can install Apple beta profiles / No JB resprings / Lem0nStore ( 3rd party stores ) from the Tweakra1n Store.
According to the developer, he is working to release more valuable tweaks and apps for iPhone and iPad users.


Drag0nOS logo

Drag0nOS is another tweak app store for iPhone and iPad. You can install the VIP version of Drag0nOS. Open the Drag0nOS site from the Safari browser to install.

U04S Store

Drag0nOS logo

Best IPA library for iOS to Install amazing tweaks and apps on non-jailbroken devices. From the u04s store, you can install amazing apps like Spotify++ and Minecraft for free.
Also, you can install some popular jailbreak tools like Unc0ver jailbreak without a pc.

Drag0nOS logo is another tweak app store for installing tweak applications. The especially for Arabic users and English users also can use it.


Drag0nOS logo

IPA-appel is another Arabic support tweak app store. Thousand-plus tweaks are available to install.


Drag0nOS logo

AltStore is another to get tweak applications for iPhone and iPad devices. The AltStore is a computer support method. Currently, AltStore supports both windows and macOS.
After installing AltStore to your iOS or ipados advice, you can sideload popular jailbreak tweaks.

Full Jailbreak Support tweak Stores

Above tweak App store list only for the non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices. If you have jailbroken device, then you can use the following jailbreak support tweak app stores to install tweak apps.


Cydia is the most popular tweak app store for jailbroken devices. Without jailbreak cannot install the Cydia app. Currently, the Cydia app support up to iOS 14.8 version. Tap the below link to get more details about the Cydia app.


Sileo is the latest tweak app store for the latest jailbreak tools such as the Palear1n / Xina. Like the Cydia app store,sileo also requires a full jailbreak to install. Tap the below link to get more about the Sileo installation.


Zebra is not a default package manager for any tool. But the Fugu15 Max jailbreak tool comes with the Sileo and Zebra default. Like Cydia and Sileo, Zebra also requires a full jailbreak to install.

Tweak App Store - Revoke issue - How to fix

The revoke issue ( unable to verify) is the major issue of the tweak app stores applications. In this case, you cannot open the installed tweaks again.
So you need to re-install the tweaks app again from the tweak stores. The issue happens in every 7 days. If you installed the tweak app from the TrollStore, you can bypass this issue. The TrollStore IPA sign is the permanent solution.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer issue

Tweak App stores applications only work 7 days after installation. Then you will have an untrusted enterprise developer popup once click the installed app or tweak it. So you have to remove the installed app from the settings and re-install it from the tweak stores.

TweakApp Stores and Cydia

Cydia only for jailbroken devices and cannot get it for stock iPhones or iPads without jailbreak. But tweak app stores support every stock and cydia device.
Cydia has paid and free tweaks and Apps, but the Tweak app stores tweaks and apps always free to install.
The Cydia store has fewer ads and the tweak store has lots of ads.
Cydia is only for jailbroken Devices and Tweak stores do not require any special method to install.

Tweaked App Store -FAQ

  • These app stores are the best alternatives for Cydia and sileo. Users can install popular jailbreak apps from these app stores.
  • All know these are no full jailbreaks for the latest iOS and iPadOS. So these tweaked app stores are the best alternative for the latest jailbreak.
  • These app stores have to revoke the issue. So once revoked, you cannot install applications and tweaks from these stores. Developers always resign the applications with the new certificates after revoke.
  • After revoke, Go to settings > Safari > Clear history and website data. Then go to the site and install it again.
  • These sites have a high amount of ads and spam calendar events. So ignore these spam ads and do not install anything from the spam ads.
  • Question - What is Tweak App?
    Answer - Tweak app store is a third party app store where users can download and install modified games, themes, tweaks and more add-on features.

  • Question - Is Tweak Store safe?
    Answer - Tweak App Stores are filled with so many tweaks, games and newly released modified features. But installing third party themes, games from unauthorized sources may affect device security. Because of that it's good to get new add-on features from reputed sources as mentioned above.

  • Question - What is the best third party app store?
    Answer - All the above mentioned third party apps are the best collection. Because all the apps above are developed by well-known jailbreak experts and they are regularly updating the sources with bug fixes and security improvements.