Best iOS Tweaked app stores - iOS/iPadOS 16.1 to iOS 13

Listed below are the best third-party app stores for iPhone and iPad Devices.
All below app stores support iOS 16.1 to iOS 12 and iPadOS.

1. Zeon App Store - Recommended

Zeon is the best App store for every iOS / iPadOS device running iOS 16 to iOS 13.
Also, Zeon is the best iPhone jailbreak alternative for the latest iOS 16.1 Jailbreak / iOS 16 Jailbreak / iOS 15.6 Jailbreak and iOS 15.5 Jailbreak.

2. Sileem App

Sileem is a repo extractor method to install jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 16.1 to iOS 16 versions.
The Sileem app can install directly from the zJailbreak app store.

3. zJailbreak App Store

You can install many tweaked applications from the zJailbreak app store. Currently, zJailbreak supports all the latest versions, iOS 16.1 to iOS 15. So these latest iOS device users can use zJailbreak to install the Cydia app lite version and Sileo App lite versions.. Get zJailbreak free code to install.

4. Hexxa Plus App Store

Hexxa Plus is the No PcJailbreak solution to install Tweaked applications. Also, you can install Hexxa Free with Silzee free codes. Once you install the Hexxa main store, it will be installed along with two app stores. With these app stores, you can install thousands of tweaked apps.

5. Xabsi Store

Another popular app store to install tweaked applications. Currently, more than 3000 apps are available in the xabsi app store. But xabsi is not compatible with the latest iOS users. If you are using some older iOS versions like iOS 12 to iOS 12.4.6, xabsi is the perfect method to install tweaked applications.

6. Zylon Store

Zylon is another repo extractor method to install Jailbreak Tweaks and Themes. The Zylon App store currently supports iOS 16 to iOS 13 versions.

7. Ziyu App Store

Repo extracting method for installing Jailbreak applications. Ziyu was initially released for iOS 11 to iOS 12, running iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices. Ziyu is also working with the latest iOS 13 and iOS 14 running Devices.
You can install Ziyu from the Zeon app store.

8. Jailscripting Store

Jailscripting is the newly released method to install Jailbreak features for iOS 16 to iOS 15. Please note these features do not support the iOS 15 and below versions.
With jailscripting, you can customize the Home Screen and Lock Screen theme change / Home Screen Icon change / Dock change, and many more features installing.
Also, you no need to jailbreak your Devices to install the Jailscripting tool. Also, Jailscripting supports every iOS Device running iOS 16 to iOS 15, even iPhone 13 series and iPhone 12 series.

9. iBundles Store

Among these third-party jailbreak alternatives, iBundles is the best Jailbreak alternative for iOS and iPadOS versions.
Currently, iBundle supports all latest iOS versions, including iOS 16 / 15.6 / iOS 15.5 / iOS 15.4.1 /iOS 15.4 / iOS 15.3 , iOS 15.2.1 , iOS 15.2 iOS 15.1.1 , iOS 15.1 , iOS 15.0.2 , iOS 15.0.1 , iOS 15, iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.7, and up to iOS 14.
iBundles is a service that offers 18 services, including non Jailbreak Themes, Tweaks, iOS Default setting change apps, Dream Store themes, Mysterious Wallpaper collections, and many more.

10. Anzhuang App Store

Developer code extraction method for installing Jailbreak applications. Anzhuang supports iOS 11 to iOS 14, running every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Devices. Follow below how to use the guide for installing Jailbreak applications with Anzhuang.
Anzhuang can be installed directly from the zJailbreak app store.

11. Tutu App Store

Another popular app store for installing iOS tweaked applications. Tutu app also supports iOS 16 to iOS 15. You can install No revoke applications from TutuApp VIP applications. But Tutuapp VIP is not free of cost.

12. TuTuBox App Store

TuTuBox is a great App Store for installing Tweaked Applications. TuTuBox supports every iOS / iPadOS devices running the latest iOS 16 to iOS 14 versions. Also, older iOS users are compatible with installing TuTuBox.

13. AppValley Store

At this time, Appvalley is the best source to install Tweaked Apps / Games / ++ Apps.
AppValley has two stores. One app is available for subscription. The latest iOS users and the latest iOS Device can use AppValley to install Cydia applications because full jailbreak is still not available for A13 Devices.

14. Appcake Store

Most popular App store among iOS users. Also, the most popular app store for installing Jailbreak Tools. So you can use Appcake as an alternative for the Silzee jailbreak tool install.
AppCake Cydia support version is available for jailbroken users. You can install it after adding the Appcake source.

15. iOSGods App Store

Just like the iOShaven app store, you can install massive paid games for free from the iOSGods Application. Also, you can install popular Tweak apps like Carcube / PlankFilza / Kodi and Jailbreak tools from the iOSGods application.

16. Cokernutx Store

The most popular latest tweaked app store among iOS users and over 1 million active users using it.
Also, Cokernutx is popular for simulator applications and modified Games.

17. TweakBox Store

Most popular App store among iOS users to install Tweaked applications. Over 10 million iOS users are active in TweakBox and are available to more than 5000 tweaked applications. Also, more than 404K Twitter followers are available on the tweakbox Twitter account.

18. Emus4u Store

Great source to install Paid games and Applications without paying. Also, just like other tweak application stores, you no need to jailbreak your device to install Emus4u. Make sure to open blow Emus4u install link from Mobile Safari to install.

19. iPA4iOS Store

Another alternative for Jailbroken Cydia store is to install Jailbreak applications and Tweak applications. Also, you no need to jailbreak your device to install iPA4iOS.
Open this page from your iPhone / iPad Mobile Safari to install the iPA4iOS application.

20. Loofamai App Store

A popular app store for Prank applications. You can mislead your friends with Loofamai prank applications. Here are the popular prank applications of Loofamai.

21. Metaw App Store

Mysterious wallpaper collection for changing your iOS Device without having full jailbreak. You can hide / Change iOS Dock and Home screen applications with Metaw. iOS 11 to iOS 14 users can install metaw from the zJailbreak app store.

22. iNifty App Store

Theme collection for Non jailbroken Devices. You can get a massive collection of themes in the iNifty theme store.

23. Flemino App Store

Flemino gives you the other operating system experience like Ubuntu / Mac Lion / OS JS / Microsoft / Windows. Currently, Flemino is compatible with every iOS version.

24. Ignition App Store

Popular App store for installing Jailbreak IPA without a computer. You can install the Unc0ver tool / Chimera tool / Phoenix jailbreak tool / Electra tool / Rootless tool / Meridian tool / Odyssey Jailbreak tool without a PC.

25. TweakDoor App store

Another popular app store for Tweak applications. Also, the most popular third-party app store for Modified tweak applications.
TweakDoor App store supports both Jailbroken and Cydia installed iPhone and iPad Devices.
You can check all TweakDoor App updates from their web.

26. ftOS App Store

A very famous app store for a massive collection of apps and games. Also, iOS users can customize the ftOS interface. Except for customization, ftOS gives features like > View Apple Devices Specs / Jailbreak Checkr / Buy iGameguardian.

27. PandaHelper Store

The popular app store for Tweaked Apps and Hacked games. Also, the PandaHelper team is doing regular updates, and no need to worry about revokes.
Highly recommended as a Cydia Alternative and Sileo alternative. Both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users can use PandaHelper.

28. AppWeleux Store

Best third-party app store for iOS users. But it has lots of ads. The appweleux team is doing regular updates, and you no need to worry about Apple App revoking.
Both Jailbroken and non jailbroken Devices are fully compatible to install appweleux. Just copy and paste the below link on your Mobile Safari and tap the install button.

29. TopStore

You can get a massive collection of applications from TopStore. They divided all applications category-wise to search and install any application within a few seconds.
TopStore is a free store for iOS users. TopStore is also the best alternative for Cydia and Sileo third-party app stores.

30. CyrusHub Lite+ Store

Add to home screen method can use to install CyrusHub Lite+ application. Around 1000+ Applications are available in CyrusHub Lite+

31. iOShaven Store

If you are searching the Tweak app store to install hack games for iPhones, This is the real source. You can get massive hacked games from the iOShaven app store.

32. Asterix Installer Store

Another popular Tweak App store to install Paid games / Paid Apps / Cydia applications. Also, you can install the latest Jailbreak tools without supporting PC or Mac computers.

33. Tweak Home App

Newly released app store for installing hacked games / Modified games and tweak applications. Also, Tweak Home App supports the latest iOS 15.1 to iOS 15 versions running every iPhone and iPad Model.

34. Install Tweak App Stores through Siri Shortcut

You can install the most popular third-party app stores through the Apple Siri Shortcut method.

35. AppBox

The Unc0ver / Taurine / Odyssey / TuTuBox applications can install from this site without having PC support.
When compared with other stores, this site only has a few applications.

36. Sideload Store

With this store, you can install the Fugu14 untethered tool along with Unc0ver 14.
Apart from online jailbreak apps, you can install the most popular Jailbreak applications from this store without a PC.

37. Zeus Store

With this store, you can install Jailbreak apps / Tweaked Apps / Utilities and Emulators.
You can install Zeus from the link below. Make sure to open the below link from Mobile Safari to install.

38. GalaxyHub Store

Another newly released app store to install IPA files without a computer. Only a few applications are available in this store.

39. Techdech Store

Newly released store for installing jailbreak applications. Tap the below link to install.

40. Appinstallerios Store

Another famous App store to install Jailbreak tools Online. Uncover / Taurine / Odyssey jailbreak are famous tools that are available in Appinstallerios App store. Also, you can install popular Jailbreak Tweaks / Apps / Games Apps from the Appinstallerios App store.
Also, Appinstallerios Developers sign the applications frequently and do not worry about the certificate being revoked.

41. Idevice Store

If you are searching for installing hack applications, This store is for you. You can install popular hack applications and hack games from this site. Tap the link below to install.