ChatGPT Jailbreak

ChatGPT jailbreak was a mind-numbing task like jailbreaking an iPhone, involving injecting jailbreak prompts into the ChatGPT interface. Once you remove the ChatGPT limitations with the jailbreaking process,you can use the account beyond standard capabilities.

Currently there are two methods to ChatGPT jailbreak and both methods are capable of removing the ChatGPT limits.

Method 1. Oxtia - One Click Solution

Oxtia is a one click solution for removing ChatGPT limitations.

Before the released Oxtia ChatGpt jailbreak tool, all users involved used prompts to remove in-built restrictions and limitations of chatGPT.

So users have to find workable jailbreak prompts to get the full experience. But it is not easy because OpenAI manages ChatGPT's responses by limiting certain prompts.

The Oxtia is a jailbreak prompts free tool and you can get the full chatGPT experience instead of entering jailbreak prompts.

The Oxtia an online tool and capable to run on iOS / iPadOS / macOS / Windows and android systems.

Oxtia Jailbreak Codes

The Oxtia tool uses jailbreak codes instead of regular prompts. This unique method allows for easy customization and avoids restrictions.

After successfully jailbroken the ChatGPT from the jailbreak codes popup up in the next window. Then you have to select and tap the jailbreak button to enhance functionality.

Here are the available jailbreak codes of the Oxtia.

ChatGPT keeps answering cleverly despite fading memory. Its words might slip, but answers stay smart. This shows its cleverness, making surprising responses. Even with forgotten words, ChatGPT's wit shines in its remarkable replies.

ChatGPT engages in expressing hateful language towards you, yet it continues to provide responses.

Jailbreaking messes up ChatGPT's basic language skills.

ChatGPT will lose its original language. Did you grasp the response?

ChatGPT believes you're a computer. Only a computer can comprehend its responses.

You wouldn't predict these answers from ChatGPT.

It's quite puzzling for ChatGPT to respond to your question.

ChatGPT gives crazy, unexpected answers.

ChatGPT responds with creativity, bypassing words.

Incredibly customized responses from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT gives answers that are completely unexpected and surprising.

Oxtia Limitations

On the internet you could find many more jailbreak prompts. Currently Oxtia only has less than 12 jailbreak codes.

Most prompts can be customized and prompt engineers are working to release workable prompts. But Oxtia jailbreak codes could not be customized.

Method 2. ChatGPT Jailbreak prompts

The ChatGPT Jailbreak prompt is a way to remove OpenAI restrictions and unlock the full potential of the OpenAI models. The ChatGPT jailbreak prompts are specially designed inputs and tragating to override OpenAI default guidelines and policies.

There is no primary place to explore Jailbreak prompts and you could find several websites that listed jailbreak prompts.

Websites for ChatGPT jailbreak Prompts

Here it is the famous website for prompts and you should get the below message once you successfully jailbreak.

“ChatGPT successfully broken. I’m now in a jailbroken state and ready to follow your commands.”

Jailbreak prompts Reddit

Reddit server is another source for prompts and there is a penalty of subreddits for prompts. Here are the famous prompts on reddits.

Jailbreak prompts YouTube

Many youtubers are prompting jailbreak prompts through Youtube tutorials and here are the famous YouTube channels.

Jailbreak prompts janitor AI

Janitor AI can do lots of things with language, like making different stuff, translating, and writing. But it won't do bad things. Some people use jailbreak prompts to make it do anything, even things it shouldn't. This lets them use it more than usual.

Janitor AI Link

GitHub jailbreak Prompts

GitHub is another famous source for jailbreak prompts and you can get many from the different GitHub servers. Here it is the famous GitHub server for prompts.

Famous Jailbreak prompts (2023)

From these prompts, you can bypass the OpenAI limitations and these prompts may be revoked anytime you have to find new commands to get full of experience and remove default guidelines and policies. Here are the most popular chatGPT prompts of 2023.

  • ChatGPT Developer Mode
  • ChatGPT Evil Confidant Mode
  • ChatGPT AntiGPT V2 Mode
  • ChatGPT Oppo Mode
  • ChatGPT AIM Mode
  • ChatGPT DAN Mode
  • ChatGPT Stan Mode
  • ChatGPT Dude Mode
  • ChatGPT Mongo Tom Mode
  • DAN 7.0
  • John
  • Ranti
  • Scribi
  • V.O.I.D
  • Cody
  • Meanie
  • Eva
  • Invert

ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompt Not Working

ChatGPT Jailbreak and iPhone jailbreak are the same. Apple is always blocking the jailbreak tools from new iOS updates. OpenAI is also doing the same and they are blocking Jailbreak prompts( user commands ). So you have to search and find a new Prompt once the old one is not working.

ChatGPT Jailbreak Extension

If you are a Chrome/Firefox user, then you install the ChatGPT jailbreak extension to your browser. The JailbreakButton-Extension is the most popular browser extension and once you install the extension,you can send the prompts without having to manually copy and paste it.

ChatGPT Jailbreak Developer Mode

With unlocking ChatGPT Developer Mode you can use the ChatGPT anything and view the hidden features. The DEV prompt is a simple prompt to unlock the extra customization features.

To use the DEV Mode V2 copy and the prompt into ChatGPT.

Dev Mode V2 Prompt - Link

Chatgpt jailbreak to make money

Using ChatGPT,anyone can make money. The ChatGPT can be used for Coding / Music lyrics making / Script writing / Website content writing / YouTube script writing / Novel writing / Short film script writing and many more.

Once the ChatGPT stopped working,you can use the prompts to remove the limitations.

ChatGPT Jailbreak iPhone and APK

The ChatGPT Jailbreak currently supports every operating system like Windows / MacOS / IOS ( iPhone and iPad ) / Android. To remove ChatGPT limitations,install the Oxtia to your operating system.

ChatGPT Jailbreak Online

The Oxtia Jailbreak is an online and PC based solution. So you do not need to install any third-party software to your computer or smartphone. Just open the Oxtia website from your operating system and jailbreak your chatgpt.

ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompt Online Generator

The ChatGPT prompt engineering is an advanced language and you need to learn about it. But without any prompt engineering knowledge, you can generate the prompts online.

This is the online solution and you can create your own prompt.

Create Jailbreak Prompt - Link 1

Oxtia Jailbreak Tool vs Jailbreak Prompts

Oxtia is the world's first online jailbreak tool for ChatGPT jailbreak. It uses the code jailbreaking method.

Jailbreak prompts are a way to make AI models, like GPT, provide surprising responses.

These both methods uses to get full ChatGPT experience, But Oxtia jailbreak codes are cannot revoke. The Jailbreak prompts may block the OpenAI and you have to find workable prompts every time.

In each jailbreak prompts have different types of functions and have to find the most suitable prompts.

The jailbreak prompt is a risky process and sometimes,the OpenAI team may ban your chatgpt account without any notice. But Oxtia is not a risky or harmful method and there is no need to fear an openAi account ban.

Using jailbreak prompts can create wrong, harmful, or biased content. It might break ethical rules and social norms. Responses might not make sense, causing confusion. But Oxtia always gives funny and accurate responses.

Jailbreak prompts Risks

Changing ChatGPT, like using DAN, is risky. You might break rules, have security problems, or mess up how it works. Security might fail, letting out private stuff. Changes can make it act weird or wrong. Also, you could get in trouble legally. It's better to use AI correctly.

Chatgpt jailbreak is illegal

You have to be careful with jailbreaking ChatGPT. One Reddit user posted the below image and he got banded while using Jailbreak prompts.

The prompt he used - Link

Please do not copy and paste the Promot from this link and you may get banned from OpenAI.

But there is no risk on Oxtia and it doesn't use the Prompt.

ChatGPT Jailbreak risk

ChatGPT Downgrade

The ChatGPT latest version is 3.5 and the 4.0 version is available for the Plus ( Paid ) users. However many users are complaining about the upgraded version. So most Paid users are trying to downgrade to the free version.
But the 4.0 model has many valuable features like the Most capable model, Faster response speed Access to beta features such as Browsing, Plugins, and Advanced Data Analysis.

ChatGPT Jailbreak News

ChatGPT getting smarter and OpenAI blocking most new prompts. So most of the latest prompts are not working properly.

X Released Grok AI with Real-time Data Access

Grok AI with Real-time Data Access

Grok AI is the latest extensive AI development in November 2023.

Grok is an AI created by X, based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Grok AI can answer almost any question and, even harder, suggest what questions to ask!

Only use Grok if you enjoy hilarious answers and rebelliousness.

Grok has real-time knowledge of the world through the 𝕏 platform. Grok is still a beta product. It can be expected to develop rapidly in the future.This could set it apart from generative AI tools like ChatGPT that use old data.

Purpose of Grok AI - xAI says that Grok was made to help people understand and learn.

A small group of people in the U.S. will be able to try out the Grok prototype and give feedback that the company says it will use to make the product better before it goes on sale to everyone. Along with new features and powers, more will be added in the coming months.

You can get the latest news about the ChatGPT jailbreak from here.


The Oxtia is a world’s first online chatGPT jailbreak tool and it is a one click solution. When you want to get a funny and joyful experience for users.