Install Sileo for iPhone and iPad

There are many ways to get Sileo for iPhone and iPad. Choose your viable jailbreak solution to get Sileo for your iPhone or iPad from here.

All Support tools to get Sileo (h2)

Nowadays, there are many jailbreak methods available to get Sileo for iPhone and iPad. However, not all jailbreak tools are compatible with every iPhone and iPad. So it’s important to choose the right one from the following list.

For iOS 18 beta - iOS 17

Few online jailbreak methods are available to install iOS 18 beta - iOS 17 Sileo. Choose a compatible jailbreak solution based on your device model.

1. TyMax

TyMax online jailbreak is especially designed for iOS 17.5.1 - iOS 17 jailbreak. You can install Sileo with TyMax online jailbreak, but first you need to go through the jailbreak process and then you can get three package managers including Sileo, Cydia and Zebra.

2. Dopeem Repo Extractor

Dopeem Repo Extractor is also another popular online jailbreak method that follows a simple Sileo installation process on iOS 18 beta - iOS 17.

You just need to go to Get Repos option in Dopeem repo extractor and copy the link of Jailbreak app manager finally paste the link in Extract Repo option. And then you can select Sileo and download.

For iOS 16.7.3 to 16.7

iOS 16.7.3 - iOS 16 users can install Sileo from the following jailbreak solutions available online.

Palera1n is the latest tool released for iOS 16.7.3 - iOS 16 and compatible with Sileo installation. But the Palera1n jailbreak tool is not compatible with all device models. If you want to install Sileo on iOS 16.7.3 - iOS 16 with palera1n, visit palera1n Jailbreak page.

1. Hacksnow Jailbreak

Hacksnow is the best jailbreak solution for iOS 16.7.3 - iOS 16 jailbreak. It will check compatibility with your device before installation.This is the best online jailbreak solution for your latest device models including iPhone 15.

Jailbreak your iPhone using a package manager like Sileo, Cydia, Cydia black or Cydia 2? With Hacksnow jailbreak you can now use all these package managers.

For iOS 16.6.1 - iOS 16

The latest jailbreak for iOS 16.6.1 - iOS 16 is Sileem repo extractor. Sileem repo extractor follows a simple repo extracting procedure because of that it is very easy to use and manage.

1. Sileem Repo Extractor

Sileem is a brand new jailbreak installer for both iPhone and iPad. Sileem consists of many jailbreak solutions that anyone can easily install. Just download and install your favorite jailbreak solution to install jailbreak app managers like Sileo and Cydia.

For 16.5.1- 16.5

Xina Virtual jailbreak is the most suitable jailbreak method to install Sileo for iOS 16.5.1 - iOS 16.5.

1. Xina Virtual Jailbreak

Xina Virtual Jailbreak is an updated version of Xina jailbreak tool. This virtual jailbreak is a web based jailbreak method compatible with iOS 16.5.1 - iOS 16.5 jailbreak. After you complete the jailbreak process with Xina Virtual Jailbreak you can install Sileo as the default package manager.

For iOS 16.4.1 - iOS 16.4

Palera1n Virtual jailbreak is an alternative of Palera1n jailbreak tool. The best way to install Sileo for iOS 16.4.1- iOS 16.4 Palera1n Virtual jailbreak is the best solution.

1. Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak

Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak is an online jailbreak method supported to get Sileo for iOS 16.4.1 - iOS 16.4. First you have to complete the jailbreak process with Palera1n Virtual jailbreak after that Sileo will install automatically on your iPhone/ iPad.

For iOS 16.3.1 - iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.2

Hacksnow jailbreak is the recommended solution by jailbreak experts to install Sileo for iOS 16.3.1 - iOS 16.3.

1. Hacksnow Semi Jailbreak

Hacksnow Semi Jailbreak is the most popular jailbreak method in jailbreak communities because of its fast jailbreaking process and accuracy.

Hacksnow Jailbreak supports installing Sileo , Cydia, Cydia black and Cydia 2.

For iOS 16.1.2 - 16.1

Zeon repo extractor is the best solution to install Sileo for iOS 16.1.2 - iOS 16.1.

1. Zeon repo extractor

This is the tested and successful method of installing Sileo for iOS 16.1.2 - iOS 16.1. Zeon repo extractor is an online repo extractor that supports installing new collections of themes, repos, games and more.

For iOS 16.0.3 - iOS 16

The best way to install Sileo for iOS 16.0.3 - iOS 16 is Sileem repo extractor. Sillem repo extractor is compatible with iOS 16 and higher versions.

1. Sileem repo extractor

Sileem is an online repo extractor compatible with installing Sileo for iOS 16.0.3 - iOS 16. Not only Sileo you can install new package managers with Sileem repo extractor.

For iOS 15.7.9 - iOS 15

Hexxa Plus repo extractor is a selective method of installing Sileo for iOS 15.7.9 - iOS 15. Hexxa Plus is also an online repo extractor that is compatible with latest iOS versions also.

1. Hexxa Plus repo extractor

Looking for the best way to install Sileo for iOS 15.7.9 - iOS 15. Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor is the most suitable method.

This is an online jailbreak method that allows you to Install both Sileo and Cydia.

For iOS 15.6.1 - iOS 15.6

Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak is an alternative solution of Palera1n jailbreak tool. This is an online jailbreak method compatible with installing Sileo for iOS 15.6.1 - iOS 15.

1. Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak

Palera1n virtual is an online jailbreak that is supported to install Sileo for iOS 15.6.1 - iOS 15.6. First you have to complete the jailbreaking process with Palrea1n virtual jailbreak and then you can install Sileo.

For iOS 15.5

Bregxi repo extractor is a suitable solution to install Sileo on iOS 15.5. Bregxi is a fully web- based jailbreak method and a repo extractor.

1. Bregxi repo extractor

Bregxi repo extractor is a web-based repo extractor compatible with iOS 15.5 ]to install Sileo.

After installing Sileo for iOS 15.5 with Bregxi repo extractor, you can install new add ons, tweaks and games.

For iOS 15.4.1 - iOS 15.4 / iOS 15.3.1 - 15.3 and iOS 15.2.1 - 15.2

Zeon is a repo extractor compatible with iOS 15 and higher versions. So , if you're looking for a jailbreak solution for iOS iOS 15.4, Zeon repo extractor is the best solution.

1. Zeon repo extractor

Install Sileo on iOS 15.4.1 - iOS 15.4 Zeon Repo Extractor is the best jailbreak solution. You can install both Sileo and Cydia with Zeon Repo Extractor.

For iOS 14 - iOS 14.1

To install Sileo for iOS 14 - iOS 14.1 Taurine semi - untethered jailbreak tool is the best solution.

1. Taurine jailbreak

Taurine jailbreak is a semi - untethered jailbreak tool compatible with iOS 14 - iOS 14.1 that supports installing Sileo after completing the jailbreak process.

Best Sileo Repos

Here we have listed the most suitable trustworthy repos that you can install with Sileo. First complete the jailbreaking process of your device with a selective jailbreak tool and install Sileo. After that you can install the below repos to your device.

1. Add P2KDev’s Repo

This repo is filled with a huge collection of repositories that will make your device more attractive. To get a unique look to your device this is the latest repo that you must have to install.

2. BigBoss Repo

BigBoss Repo is a must have jailbreak repo on your iPhone/ iPad. The reason is this awesome repo is filled with 17,000 repositories. This is one major collection of repositories which helps you choose and select your best repository according to your choice.

3. Havoc Repos

Havoc Repo is filled with iOS 15, iOS 16 and iOS 17 repositories. This amazing collection of repositories is filled with brand new themes, tweaks, wallpapers and more interesting features.

4. Chariz Repo

Chariz is the second most popular jailbreak repo for jailbreaks such as Palera1n, Dopamine and Xina A15.This repo is filled with a wide range of customizations, themes and tools. Most popular themes in Chariz repositories are Legizmo, Zetsu, Airaw and new term2.

5. Twikd Repo

Twikd Repo is filled with a variety of repos including Dynawall, Horizon, FolderPlus, Bigsur Center, Kobu, Sakura, QuickLS, Lynx2 and Occamy.There are about 540 packages on twikd repo.

6. Halo Michael’s Repo

If you enjoy emulators and would like to emulate them on iOS, Halo Michael’s repo is an excellent resource because it includes PPSSPP.

PPSSPP is a play station emulator that lets you play PSP games on your device and also this repo is filled with most popular tweaks including network fixer, resolution setter, Time machine and more.

7. Limneos Repo

Limneos repo is filled with a new collection of tweaks that are compatible with iOS 15 , iOS 16 and iOS 17. Some of their tweaks are BioProtect XS, DynamicPeninsula, AudioRecorderXS, Glow, Live call translator and NoBetaExpiredAlert.

8. Capt Inc Repo

Capt Inc Repo is filled with latest repositories which helps you to customize your device with new add on features. Most popular Capt Inc Repos are Batchomatic, Command module, Wallpaper changer and DarkMode Toggle.

9. Dynastic Repo

Dynastic Repo is filled with many older and best tweaks such as Selenium, SnapBack, Scorpion, Felicity Pro, Jellyfish, Starfish beta, Group, Clinic Pro, Beyaz, Aperio and Chroma.

10. MTAC’s Repo

MTAC’s Repo is with 25 repositories and supports the most popular repositories including Hydra, Symbols, Scope, MTerminal and LuanchLogo.

11. Alfhaily APT Repo

Alhhailt APT Repo is filled with most popular tweaks including Rocket for instagram, RocketBootstrap, PayBack and PayPatch and libRocket.

12. Sezo’s Repo

Sezo’s Repo is gathered with a collection of tweaks including Data Manager,Data manager iOS13, Flare for signal and Nyx for Instagram.


  • Question - Can I install Sileo online?
    Answer - Yes, you can install Sileo online jailbreak with Palera1n virtual jailbreak. On this page we have listed the most suitable online Sileo installation methods on your iPhone/ iPadOS according to your iOS version and device compatibility.

  • Question - How to sideload Sileo iPA?
    Answer - Sileo cannot install with the sideload method. Online and jailbreak are the only ways to get Sileo.

  • Question - Can I install Sileo without jailbreak?
    Answer - Yes, you can install Sileo without jailbreak with palera1n virtual jailbreak.

  • Question - Can I install Sileo from Misaka?
    Answer - No. Misaka is the best alternative for the sileo package manager. You cannot install sileo directly from Misaka.

  • Question - Is Blizzard support sileo?
    Answer - No, Blizzard is still in development mode. Once the development is completed, Blizzard will support installing Sileo. Same as Ponba jailbreak.

  • Question - Can I install Sileo from the KFD exploit?
    Answer - No you cannot but with KFD Exploit you can get brand new released themes, tweaks and more interesting features.

  • Question - Is my Device compatible with the Sileo?
    Answer - If you have iPhone 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 and 15,then you read more about iPhone 15 jailbreak / iPhone 14 jailbreak. other A11 - A8 devices can use palera1n/ xina/chimera and electra.

  • Question - What are the best Repos for the sileo?
    Answer - Most popular Sileo repos are,,, , You can read more about Sileo repos from here.

  • Question - What are the best Sileo tweaks?
    Answer - (images) Cylinder Reborn, Atria, Barmoji, Check4round, ChromaHomeBarX, FLEXList, FloatingDock, Snowboard, Modern battery, Snowboard, LockPlusPro, TrollStore, Zebra and Filza. Get more updated details about these tweaks from here.

  • Question - What are the best Sileo themes?
    Answer - Echoes , 3Dworld, Ango Theme, Bohemic and Lucent. Get more details about these themes from here.

  • Question - Can install Sileo directly from Cydia?
    Answer - Yes you can. To get Cydia from Sileo first you have to get a repo that supports installing cydia. To find out more details about this click here.

  • Question - Can I remove Sileo anytime?
    Answer - If you have installed sileo with a virtual jailbreak method you can easily uninstall sileo but your selected jailbreak tool is not a virtual jailbreak method you cannot uninstall Sileo quickly.

  • Question - what are the differences between Sileo and Sileo nightly?
    Answer - Sileo nightly is an unstable version of Sileo . The stable builds are released after the nightly builds. Since stable yet not having necessary updates for iOS 15, palera1n now comes with nightly.

  • Question - Is the Sileo app manager and cydia app manager the same?
    Answer - Both Sileo app manager and Cydia app manager are third party app manager alternatives to the official Apple app store. But the features and installation methods are different in sileo app manager and cydia app manager.

  • Question - what is Sileo iPA download?
    Answer - Sileo iPA can be downloaded from here. You can find more information and up to date details about Sileo iPA download after referring to this page.

  • Question - Is there a method to get Sileo nightly iPA?
    Answer - No, Sileo Nightly iPA is not available still. You can get Sileo nightly only with Palera1n jailbreak.

  • Question - can i download both Sileo iPhone and Sileo iPad?
    Answer - Yes you can install Sileo iPhone and Sileo iPad. Sileo package manager is compatible with all iPhones and iPads including the latest released iPhone 15.

  • Question - What is Sileo demo?
    Answer - The sileo demo can be sideloaded onto any iOS device to explore repositories and test features in Sileo app, but it cannot install or manage jailbreak extensions like the real Sileo app. If you want to install Sileo demo, click on the link supplied by the sileo team.

  • Question - What are the alternatives of sileo?
    Answer - There are six most popular alternatives for sileo. First one is the Apple app store and it is free. Next you have Cydia, Zebra, installer and buildstore.

  • Question - How to get Sileo app store download?
    Answer - you can get sileo app store download from above jailbreak methods after completing the jailbreak process successfully.

  • Question - How can I get Unc0ver Sileo and Checkra1n Sileo?
    Answer - as we are all aware with unc0ver and checkra1n you can only install cydia. To get unc0ver sileo and checkra1n sileo first you have to install cydia and then you can get a cydia repo to install sileo.

  • Question - why is Sileo known as tweak app store Sileo?
    Answer - sileo is the most recent tweak app store for the most recent jailbreak tools like palera1n and xina jailbreak. Sileo is like the Cydia app store, requires a full jailbreak to install.

  • Question - Can I get Sileo APK?
    Answer - No, Still Sileo is not available as a Sileo APK for android devices. Sileo is only available for iOS devices that have completed the jailbreaking process.

  • Question - what is Sileo Installer?
    Answer - Sileo installer is a package manager created exclusively for jailbroken iOS devices. It is an alternative to Cydia. Sileo installer enables users to download and install tweaks, themes, utilities and other apps that are not normally available in the official App store.

  • Question - is bakera1n Support to install Sileo?
    Answer - Yes, Bakera1n jailbreak supports installing sileo same as the palera1n jailbreak. The main point is Bekar1n is also compatible with jailbreak iOS 17 and higher versions.

  • Question - Are Sileo and Sileo lite the same?
    Answer - No, Sileo and Sileo lite are not the same. Sileo lite is an lite version of Sileo.