Best 20 Themes for iOS 13

The iOS Theme change is one of the main reasons for iOS Jailbreaking. You can change your default Theme into any theme if you are using Jailbroken Device.

If you wish to change your default theme into a colorful theme, you must know how to change it.

First, you have to use jailbroken your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Device with a Compatible jailbreak tool.

You can find compatible Jailbreak tool according to your Device Model and iOS version from here.

Then you have to use Theme change tweak. Sn0wBoard, Anemone, and iThemer are the best tweaks to change your Themes. Sn0wBoard is the best tweak to use because it has many features.

How to install Sn0wBoard?

Sn0wBoard Tweak not available in the default Source list. So you have to Install below repo to your repo list. Follow How to install Repoguide to add below repo.

How to use Sn0wBoard?

Best 20 Themes for iOS 13

Viola Theme


Ahmed Bousrih is the Developer of the Viola Theme, and it has more than

Viola Theme can be installed from the following link.

Darkie 13

Omar Stgo is the developer of Darkie 13 theme. It has more than 400 icons. You can install Darkie 13 from the following Packix URL.

Bohemic Theme

timel∞p is the Developer of Bohemic Theme. Bohemic Theme has 60+ icons. You can contact timel∞p for icon requests. You can add Bohemic Theme from the following Packix Repo URL

Redly Theme

iPhone_Le0n is the Theme developer of the Redly. 320 + icons ,4 docks, 1 Statusbar, and many more in the Redly theme package. Alos you can install Redly theme from the following links

Ceramic Theme

Well known developer xerusdesign is the creator of the Ceramic theme. The ceramic theme includes more than 130 icons. Use following Packix source link to install Ceramic theme.

LonSh V2 Theme

Jul!4n Twitter name @A7laFe is the Developer of LonSh V2 theme. More than 190+ icons availble in LonSh V2 Theme and more to come. Use the below packix repo link to install LonSh V2 Theme . This theme work with Snowboard, Anemone, iThemer theme engines.

You can find LonSh V2 theme from Packix repo

Polestar Theme

The sethsdown is the creator of thePolestar Theme. More than 450+ Icons available in Polestar Theme include the Settings theme. Use Snowboard Settings extension to change Setting theme.

Polestar Theme can be found on Packix repo

iamLinuxs Theme

𝚒𝚊𝚖𝚐𝚊𝚜𝚐𝚊𝚜𝚜 is the developer of the iamLinuxs Theme. iamLinuxs is Linux like theme.
iamLinuxs theme available in Packix Repo.

Opacity Theme

Opacity theme only 52 icons. Contact the Developer from twitter ( @awsiiq )for icon request. Use below Packix link to install Opacity Theme

Package -

Darker Theme

It has 400 total icons, 200 Dark icons,200 PURE black (OLED) icons. The ItsTNT is the Developer of Darker Theme. You can find Darker Theme from Packix Repo

ComicSans Theme gray

Over 180+ icons available in the ComicSans Theme gray. ComicSans Theme gray can be install after add Packix repo to your Repo list. rio-doro is the Developer of the theme

Beamy Glyphs Theme

More than 330 apps icons ,3 New badges styles, Settings theme includes Beamy Glyphs Theme. SRK_Themes is the Developer of the theme. Go to Cydia and can be find it from Packix Repo.

Plates Theme

More than 400 icons and Badge icons available in the Plates Theme. This theme fully compatible with Snowboard, Anemone & iThemer theme engines. Kadir Baran is the Developer of Plates Theme.
Plates Theme can be install from Packix repo.

1Derland iOS 13

Tim Collins is the Developer of the 1Derland iOS 13 theme. This theme can be install from Packix Repo.

Niivo Theme

Niivo Theme Developed by Ao Kuro. More than 500 icons available in Niivo Theme. Use following link to install Niivo Theme.

Pellucid Theme

Abdulkadir KeleÅŸ is the Developer of the Theme. More than 300 app icons available in the Pellucid Theme. Snowboard, Anemone, and iThemer fully compatible for Pellucid Theme install. Open Cydia and go to Packix and install the theme.

Real Dark Theme

Adrenaline is the Developer of Real Dark theme. Real Dark theme for Drak theme lovers. This theme can be install from following link.


Colorful Theme. Adrenaline is the Developer of the Theme. You can install DarkMode-On from Packix repo. Use following link to install

Liaca Pitch Black

More than +1090 icons, 17 alternative icons,26 wallpapers, Settings theme available in this theme. Devy_Design is the Developer of the theme. You can install this theme from Packix repo

Wheel 13

Unalkuru is the Developer of the theme. You can install this theme from Packix repo. Use the following link to install.

Theme Of the year context 2019

Recently Team silzee Hosted Theme of the Year context and given Award for it. The best Theme selected from public votes. Viola Theme chose as Theme of the year according to votes.

After all the hard work I've put into Viola, today I received the trophy I won from @SilzeeJailbreak that made me proud of what I did and left a big smile on my face.

Thanks to everyone who loved and used Viola! A lot will be coming from me ✌🏻❤️

— Ahmed bousrih (@bossgfx_) March 5, 2020

Theme Of the year 2020