iTerminal Jailbreak - ( Redensa Tool)

The iTerminal ( Redensa ) Jailbreak tool supports the iOS 17.5.1 version.

From this page, you can download the iTerminal redensa jailbreak tool and we will guide you to install Cydia 2 package manager for iOS 17.5.1 and how to use Cydia 2 for install tweaks.

iTerminal Jailbreak

Terminal Features

iTerminal Jailbreak is now the latest and popular jailbreak method in the jailbreak community. As it is a fully online method, you do not have to depend on your computer or sideloading techniques to install iTerminal Jailbreak. This further simplifies the process and makes it more accessible to users looking to unlock the full potential of their devices.

You can install Cydia 2 with Redensa iTerminal Jailbreak. The special feature of Cydia 2 is you can add sources to Cydia 2 by yourself.

Also, you can install Hacksnow Jailbreak using iTerminal Jailbreak. Hacksnow Jailbreak is also compatible with installing Cydia 2 on your iPhone/iPad.

iTerminal Jailbreak is compatible with brand-new themes, third-party apps, and iOS launchers. This means that when you jailbreak your device using iTerminal, you can customize its looks and feel with any number of themes, giving your interface a fresh, unique look.

You can also access and install third-party apps, iOS launchers not available on the official App Store, therefore increasing the possibilities and uses of your device.

iTermianl Compatibility

The best solution to jailbreak iOS 17.5.1 is iTerminal Jailbreak. That is not all; the method supports all versions from iOS 17 up to iOS 17.5 jailbreak.

The jailbreaking process for iTerminal is quite simple and does not require a computer, making it extremely accessible for all those users seeking to personalize their device and gain access to features beyond the limitations set in the official iOS framework.

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Download iTermianl from Redensa

iTerminal Jailbreak - Redensa

How to use iTermianl?

Redensa app is catergorized with four main categories as Install Apps, Open Apps, Settings Hack and Chat Gpt Jailbreak.

The installation process of all categories are same only the iTerminal command is different.

  • Step 01 - Download Redensa iTerminal Jailbreak from above button.
  • Step 02 - After successfully completing the installation process , You will get iterminal and Redensa app on your home screen.
  • Step 03 - Open iTerminal and Type “Install” (if you want to open “Install Apps” Category).
  • Open iTerminal and Type “Open” (if you want to open “Open Apps” Category)
    Open iTerminal and Type “Hack (if you want to open “Setting Hacks” Category)
    Open iTerminal and Type “hackgpt” (if you want to open “ChatGpt Jailbreak” Category)

  • Step 04 - Tap on “Return”.
  • Step 05 - Go to Redensa App > copy the code that you want to open from the default list.
  • Step 06 - Paste the code in iTermial and Tap on “Return”.
  • Step 07 - Continue with the normal installation process.

ChatGPT Jailbreak from iTermianl

You can finish a ChatGPT jailbreak with this category without the use of ChatGPT prompts. This is a fun tool that supports you through jailbreaking ChatGPT, making it easy.

ChatGPT Jailbreak - Redensa

Open Apps from iTermianl

You can open default apps on your device from redensa jailbreak “Open Apps” category.

  • Step 01. Open iTerminal and type “Open” command

  • “Open” command - Redensa

  • Step 02. Tap on “Return”
  • Step 03. Go to Redensa App > Copy the app code that you want to open from the default app list

  • Copy the code - Redensa

  • Step 04. Paste the code in iTerminal > Tap on return

  • return the code - Redensa

  • Step 05. Continue with the normal installation process.

Alternatives for iTermianl ( Redensa ) Jailbreak

Unc0ver Black

Unc0ver Black Jailbreak is an online jailbreak method comaptible with iOS 17 - iOS 17.5.1 jailbreak. The default package manager of Unc0ver Black is Cydia Black. Unc0ver Black edition is an alternative jailbreak method to Unc0ver Jailbreak tool.

Checkra1n Mirror

Checkra1n mirror is an alternative jailbreak method of Checkra1n Jailbreak tool. This jailbreak method is compatible with iOS 17 and higher versions jailbreak including iOS 17.5.1 jailbreak. Checka1n Mirror jailbreak supports you to install Cydia as the default package manager.


Fugu 17 jailbreak is compatible with installing Sileo after completing the jailbreak process. Fugu 17 jailbreak is an online jailbreak method because of that the help of PC or mac is not necessary.

Dopamine 17

Dopamine 17 jailbreak is a popular jailbreak method supports to install Sileo of Zebra as the default package manager. You have to complete the jailbreak process with Dopamine 17 jailbreak after that you can install Zebra or Sileo package managers.

Why you should use iTermianl ( Redensa ) for iOS 17.5.1?

The "Redensa iTerminal Jailbreak" tool is designed specifically for the jailbreaking of iOS 17.5.1 devices. Notlike other old jailbreaking methods, this tool uses iTerminal, which is a terminal emulator, as its base for running the jailbreak process.

No Privacy Issues:

Jailbreaking with the iTerminal Jailbreak tool does not effect on the privacy of its users. Unlike jailbreaking that might involve downloading software from untrusted sources or giving out extra permissions, the iTerminal Jailbreak tool protects the user's privacy throughout the jailbreak process.

No Battery Drain Issues:

The iTerminal Jailbreak tool is designed to protect the device battery from excessive drain. Some methods of jailbreaking have been developed, which cause excessive battery on iOS devices, but iTerminal Jailbreak takes some important measures to prevent that.

No Avoidance of Apple Restrictions, Claim Warranty Any Time:

Unlike other jailbreaking methods that may involve bypassing Apple restrictions, iTerminal Jailbreak works in a way that doesn't break Apple's restrictions. Users can claim warranty services from Apple anytime without fearing voiding the warranty of the iPhone.

Banking Apps Can Be Installed without Errors:

Users can install banking apps on jailbroken devices through iTerminal Jailbreak without errors.

Doesn't Block iOS OTA Updates:

Unlike other jailbreaking tools, such as Checkra1n and unc0ver, which might block the iOS (OTA) updates, iTerminal Jailbreak allows its users to install iOS OTA updates usual. It keeps users updated with the latest iOS features and security patches on their devices.

Flexible Installation and Uninstallation:

iTerminal Jailbreak lets users easily install and uninstall it. Because Redensa iTerminal jailbrea in not an Untethed or Tethred jailbreak method.