Zeon Upgrade Free

Zeon is a newly released repo extraction method to install the Jailbreak application for the iOS 14 version. Zeon is a paid service, and still, you can get Zeon freemium code free from this page.

Zeon compatible

Zeon is the only solution for iOS 14 Jailbreak, and it will also work with iOS 13 running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices.

Zeon registration codes









How to use Zeon freemium code?

  • Step 01. First, you should install a Zeon free application. You can install it from the Pangu8 website or zeon official website

  • Step 02. Tap Upgrade to full version option.

  • Step 03. Copy above freemium code and enter and tap the upgrade button. Zeon team may block these upgrade codes anytime. So Please report us if any of this Code doesn't work (Silzee)

  • Step 04. Successfully upgraded the Zeon Jailbreak application.

Zeon Features

Zeon app comes with many stores. You can use these stores to install Jailbreak tweaks / Apps / Games.

Zeon App Stores

Zeon Repo extractor

Zeon Tweaks

Zeon App Stores

Zeon app stores content mini-app stores.

Most Popular Apps > iOS 14 ++ / Cydia / Sileo / Apricot iOS

Popular App Stores > Appcake / Tweak Box / Emus4u / Zestia / AppVally

Jailbreak > Hexxa Plus / Bregxi / zJailbreak / Xabsi

Exclusive > Flemino / iNifty / Dream Store / iFaceSkins / GoogIos / Loofamai / Metaw / Hopy / YIV / Find Store / AR Apps

Zeon Repo Extractor

Repo extraction is a very easy method to install Jailbreak applications. Tap Get Repos > Copy the Repo URL > Tap Repo Extractor > Enter the code > Tap Ok to Extract

Now you can use it to install Jailbreak apps.

Zeon Tweaks

Siri Shortcut method to install Jailbreak applications. You can install the most popular Siri Shortcut applications from here. Before using this method, you should install the Apple Siri shortcut. Install from it here.