Blizzard Jailbreak

Blizzard Jailbreak is an upcoming jailbreak tool for the iOS 16.0.2 to iOS 15 versions. Users can choose Cydia, Sileo, and Zebra after completing the process.

Blizzard Jailbreak Compatible iOS and iPadOS

iOS 16.0.2 to iOS 15 are compatible with the Blizzard Jailbreak tool.
iOS 16.0.2 / iOS 16 / iOS 15.6.1 / iOS 15.6 /iOS 15.5 / iOS 15.4.1 / iOS 15.4 / iOS 15.3.1 / iOS 15.3 / iOS 15.2.1 / iOS 15.2 / iOS 15.1.1 / iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.0.2 / iOS 15.0.1 and iOS 15

Blizzard Jailbreak Compatible Device

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S

iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch 7th Generation

  • iPad (2019, 7th Generation)
  • iPad (2018, 6th Generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5″ (2017)
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ 2nd Generation (2017)
  • iPad (2017) 5th Generation
  • iPad (4th Generation)
  • iPad Mini 4

Blizzard Jailbreak Download Link

No exact release date for the Blizzard Jailbreak. Hopefully, we can download the tool soon. But no guaranteed release date.

Blizzard Jailbreak Package Managers

Users have the option to select compatible package managers. Cydia, Sileo, and Zebra are the choosable package managers.

Blizzard Jailbreak type

Blizzard Jailbreak is a Semi-tethered jailbreak. So you have to run the Jailbreak tool again using a computer.

Blizzard Jailbreak iOS 16.0.2

This is GeoSn0w’s latest Blizzard Jailbreak confirmation. According to his Twitter message, Blizzard Jailbreak is running on iOS 16.0.2.

Blizzard Jailbreak iOS 16.0.2

Blizzard Jailbreak running on iOS 15.6.1

Blizzard Jailbreak running iOS 15.6.1

Blizzard Jailbreak Progress

You can check Blizzard's jailbreak progress from the GeoSn0w Website and his YouTube channel.

GeoSnow YouTube GeoSnow Website

Blizzard Jailbreak main interface

Blizzard Jailbreak tool

Blizzard Jailbreak iOS 16.0.3

GeoSn0w already demonstrated iOS 16.0.2 jailbreak. So iOS 16.0.3 version is maybe a patch version for the blizzard jailbreak tool.
So if you want to use blizzard jailbreak in the future, do not upgrade to iOS 16.0.3.

Blizzard Jailbreak alternative tools

There are a few alternative jailbreak tools for the Blizzard jailbreak tool. Most alternative jailbreak tools are in the developing stage.

Cheyote Jailbreak tool

The Cheyote tool is coming soon for iOS 15.1.1 to iOS 15 jailbreak. The sileo is the default package manager for the cheyote jailbreak tool.
According to the Cheyote tool developer ( Coolstar ), the Cheyote tool supports every iPhone and iPad Device running iOS 15.5 to iOS 15.1.1 version.

Palera1n Jailbreak

Palera1n Jailbreak tool is also an alternative to the blizzard jailbreak tool. Palera1n Jailbreak also supports the installation of the Sileo package manager like the blizzard jailbreak tool.
Palera1n Jailbreak tool supports iOS 15.7 to iOS 15 jailbreak.

Xina 520 Jailbreak

Recently, Xina also demonstrated the iOS 15 jailbreak and installed the Sileo package manager.

Project36 Jailbreak

Checkm8 Jailbreak development called "Project36” is also coming soon for iOS 15 jailbreak as an alternative to the blizzard jailbreak tool.
According to developers, the project36 jailbreak tool will support iOS 15 and iOS 15+ running (A9-A11) devices.