Jailbreak iOS 15.8

iOS 15.8 running iPhone users can jailbreak the devices from the following JB solutions. Tap the download links and use the tools to install Sileo or Zebra package managers.

Number 1 Solution - Unc0ver Dark Tool

Unc0ver Dark is the number one jailbreak solution for the iOS 15.8 version. The Cydia Dark is the primary package manager for the Unc0ver Dark tool.

The Black Cydia is specially designed for the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool and it is the best alternative to the original Cydia. Currently, Saurik stopped Cydia updates and Cydia Dark is the best one to install.

Unc0ver Dark for ios 15.8

Number 2 Solution - Checkra1n Mirror Tool

The Checkra1n Mirror is the number 2 jailbreak solution for iOS 15.8. The Checkra1n Miror jailbreak tool was developed by the checkm8 team as an online jailbreak solution.

The Cydia 2 is the package manager for the Checkra1n mirror online jailbreak solution. After saurik stopped the Cydia update, the Cydia 2 released the Cydia 2 brand new package manager.

Checkra1n Mirror for ios 15.8

Number 3 Solution - Tijong Xuni Tool

The Tijong Xuni is another brand new jailbreak solution for the iOS 15.8 version. The Tijong Xuni is the virtual jailbreak solution and installs Cydia 2 automatically once the jailbreak process is completed.

The Tijong Xuni is a very easy and safe jailbreak tool that supports every iPhone device running iOS 15.8.

Tijong Xuni for ios 15.8

Number 4 solution - Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak

The Cheyote virtual jailbreak is another supportive tool for iOS 15.8 jailbreak. Users can install the Sileo Package manager after completing the Cheyote full jailbreak process.

The Cheyote virtual tool is the extended and upgraded version of CoolStar’s Cheyote semi-tethered jailbreak tool.

Tijong Xuni for ios 15.8

Number 5 - Palera1n Jailbreak - Not confirmed

This not unconfirmed News.

According to the Palera1n official website, iOS 15 to iOS 16.5.1 versions are fully supported. So iOS 15.8 may support to Palera1n jailbreak.

Still no official news about Palear1n for iOS 15.8 jailbreak. We will update this page once developers confirmed Palear1n for iOS 15.8.

Popular Non Jailbreak solutions for iOS 15.8

At the moment iOS jailbreak community have non jailbreak solution to customize the Devices to the next leveal. Here are the most latest non-jailbreak solution that available for the jailbreak community.


Dirtyc0w is a new method that supports installing jailbreak tweaks without a Cydia or sileo. The Dirtyc0w Exploit currently supports iOS 15 to iOS 16.1.2 versions. So there are big chance to update Dirtyc0w for the iOS 15.8 version.


The KFD is the most latest non-jailbreak solution and it support to customize the devices to the next level. But KFD exploit currently avaialabale only for the iOS 16.2 to iOS 16.6 Beta 1 versions. If KFD developers drop the iOS 15.8 support we will update the page.


The CowaBunga Lite is a another non-jailbreak solution for iPhone users. From the CowaBunga solution,iOS users can change the device . The latest iOS users can use the CowaBunga Lite package to customize the Devices.

Compatible Package managers for iOS 15.8

Installing a third-party package manager is the main targeting of the iOS jailbreak. iOS 15.8 users can install the following popular package managers. The following list is the most popular package managers for the iPhone and iPad Devices.

Cydia Package manager

Cydia is the main package manager for jailbroken Devices. But Saurik stoped to give updates to Cydia store. So latest iOS version users has no chance to install Cydia. But all the latest iOS users can install the Cydia 2 modified version inserted of Cydia application manager.

Sileo Package Manager

Sileo is the upto date package manager for jailbroken iPhone Devices. The Palera1n jailbreak is the latest tool that support toInstall Sileo. The iOS 15.8 users can install Sileo from the Palera1n Jailbreak tool.

Zebra Package manager

The Zebra is the modern package manager for the jailbroken Devices. At the moment ,Palear1n Jailbroken users can install the Zebra Package manager defualtly.