Jailbreak for iOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / 17.4 to 17 Online

The TyMax online tool is the only available method to jailbreak iOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / 17.4 to 17 versions. You can choose a package from Cydia, Cydia 2, Sileo, and Zebra to install for iOS 17.5/ iOS 17.4.1 / 17.4 to iOS 17.

TyMax iOS Compatibility

The TyMax jailbreak tool is fully compatible with iOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / 17.4 to iOS 17 versions. If you have no idea about the iOS range, here is the full list.

iOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / iOS 17.4 / iOS 17.3.1 / iOS 17.3 / iOS 17.2.1 / iOS 17.2 / iOS 17.1.2 / iOS 17.1.1 / iOS 17.1 / iOS 17.0.3 / iOS 17.0.2 / iOS 17.0.1 / iOS 17

iPadOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / iPadOS 17.4 / iPadOS 17.3.1 / iPadOS 17.3 / iPadOS 17.2.1 / iPadOS 17.2 / iPadOS 17.1.2 / iPadOS 17.1.1 / iPadOS 17.1 / iPadOS17.0.3 / iPadOS 17.0.2 / iPadOS 17.0.1 / iPadOS 17

TyMax iPhone and iPad Compatibility

iPhones -
iPhone SE (3rd generation) / iPhone SE (2nd generation) / iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Plus / iPhone 15 / iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Plus / iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini / iPhone 12 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 11 Pro Max / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XS / iPhone XR

Eevn the TyMax tool can be use for latest iPhone jailbreak such as iPhone 15 / iPhone 14 / iPhone 13.

iPads -
iPad mini (6th generation) / iPad (10th generation) / iPad Air (4th generation) / iPad Air (5th generation) / iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation) / iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) / iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) / iPad Pro 11-inch (4th generation) / iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) / iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) / iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation) / iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation) / iPad mini (5th generation) / iPad (6th generation) / iPad (7th generation) / iPad (8th generation) / iPad (9th generation) / iPad Air (3rd generation) / iPad Pro 10.5-inch/ iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)

Download TyMax Online

The TyMax is an online jailbreak solution, and you can install it without any third-party software like AltStore / TrollStore / Sideloadly. So, you can download the TyMax jailbreak tool directly from the iOS Safari web browser.

Step guide to use TyMax

All the above solutions were verified expert team and every solution is fully compatible with iOS 17.2.1 to iOS 17. But the Cherimoya tool is only for iOS 17 and you cannot use Cherimoya above iOS 17.

As per the expert team, the TyMax is the most compatible solution for iOS 17.2.1 to iOS 17. All iOS 17.2.1 to 17 users can install Cydia / Cydia 2 / Cydia Black / Sileo and Zebra Pacakge managers after completing the TyMax Jailbreak solution.

  1. Tap the above direct download link from iOS Safari
  2. Complete the on-screen instructions to download the tool
  3. Open the TyMax tool from the Home Screen
  4. Run the online Jailbreak
  5. Choose the package manager to install. Recommended to install the Cydia 2 package
  6. Tap Continue
  7. Tap allow to install Cydia 2

TyMax online jailbreak for iOS 17.4.1 - 17

Package managers for TyMax

The TyMax tool comes with popular package managers as listed below. However, we highly recommend installing Cydia 2 because it offers unique features compared to other package managers.

cydiaLite for iOS 17.1
selioLite for iOS 17.1
CydiaBlack for iOS 17.1
Zebra for iOS 17.1

What is the best Package manager for TyMax installed iOS 17.4.1 - 17?

Cydia 2 is the best one to use after the iPhone jailbreak. Cydia has unique features like the Saurik Cydia Package Manager. Cydia 2 comes with its repo system, allowing you to add repositories to the Cydia 2 package.

You can add the following repositories to Cydia 2 Package Manager.

  1. Sparkle Repository - https://sparkletheme.ela-themes.com/
  2. Metawu Repository - https://wallrepo.metawu.com/
  3. Inifty Repository - https://iextras.org/inifty-theme/repo/
  4. OS Repository - https://flemino.com/os/repo/
  5. iOS Launches Repository - https://dream-themes.com/lunches/repos/
  6. Depth Repository - https://iextras.org/depthwall/repo/
  7. Emulator Repository - https://iextras.org/emulator/repo/
  8. Tools Repository - https://iextras.org/tools/repo/
  9. Apple Hub Repository - https://iextras.org/Apple-hub/repo/
  10. KFD Repository - https://silzee.com/kfd/repo/
  11. Third-Party Apps Repository - https://iextras.org/thirdparty/repo/
  12. Online Games Repository - https://iextras.org/onlinegame/repo/
  13. Zebra Repository - https://iextras.org/zebra/repo/
  14. Ela Theme Repository - https://getrepo.ela-themes.com/
  15. Sileo Repository - https://silzee.com/getsileo.app/repo/
  16. Show Live Repository - https://repo-showlivethemes.ela-themes.com/

Upcoming Repos of Cydia 2

  • Misaka Repository
  • Dynamic Island Wallpapers Repository
  • Cydia Dark Repository
  • Shortcut Repository
  • Mysterious wallpapers Repository
  • Live wallpapers Repository

How to Install Jailbreak Themes

Once you download the Cydia 2 package manager from the TyMax Jailbreak Tool, you have several repositories to add themes to the home screen.

You need to add the following repositories to include themes. These themes are Snowboard-free themes, and you can apply those themes without a theming engine like Snowboard or Anemone.

Themes support Repositories

  1. Sparkle Repository
  2. Inifty Repository
  3. Ela Theme Repository

These are the repositories for installing themes on iOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / 17.4 to iOS 17 for iPhone and iPad devices. Once you add the above repository, you can install the following colorful themes.

How to Install Jailbreak Themes

How to install Jailbreak Tweaks

installing jailbreak tweaks is the main purpose of iOS jailbreaking. Therefore, TyMax is the best jailbreaking tool to add tweaks for jailbroken iPhones and iPads.Once you have jailbroken your device using the TyMax semi-tethered jailbreak tool, you must add the following repositories to install jailbreak tweaks.

Tweaks support Repositories

  1. OS Repository
  2. iOS Launches Repository
  3. Emulator Repository
  4. Tools Repository
  5. Apple Hub Repository
  6. KFD Repository
  7. Show Live Repository

Once you add the following repositories, you can install jailbreak tweaks for your iOS 17.5/ 17.4.1 / 17.4 to 17 devices. Here are the must-have jailbreak tweaks for your jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

Tweaks support Repositories

Install Tweak App stores from TyMax

Cydia 2 also supports the installation of tweak app stores for your jailbroken iPhones. Apps such as TuTuBox, TuTuApp, Appvalley, Zeus, Panda Helper, TweakDoor, zJailbreak App Store, Zylon App Store, and Cokernutx.

So you have to add the Third-Party Apps Repository to your Cydia 2 app manager to install the above third-party applications.

TyMax online jailbreak for iOS 17.1

TyMax Jailbreak alternatives

TyMax is the recommended jailbreak solution for iOS 17.5 to iOS 17 versions. But you can also use the TyMax jailbreak alternatives for iOS 17.5 - 17 jailbreak. Here are the best TyMax Jailbreak alternatives for 17.5 - 17.

TyMax Jailbreak alternatives

  1. Dopeem Repo Extractor
  2. Checkra1n Mirror Tool
  3. Unc0ver Dark Tool
  4. Palera1n Virtual
  5. FuGu 17 Jailbreak
  6. HacksNow Jailbreak
  7. Tijong Xuni Jailbreak
  8. Xina Virtual Jailbreak
  9. Cheyote virtual Tool
  10. Dopamine Jailbreak

TyMax and other jailbreak alternatives

Among other jailbreak alternatives, The Tymax is the best one to use. The Tymax jailbreak is an online solution The TyMax jailbreak supports every iPhone running iOS 17.5 to iOS 17.

Other jailbreaks only support fewer iPhone devices. The latest Palera1n jailbreak does not support the latest iPhone 15 / iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 devices.

The TyMax jailbreak support Cydia / Cydia 2 / Sileo / Zebra Package managers.

TyMax and Full jailbreak solutions

The TyMax is an easy online jailbreak solution. The Untethered / Semi-untethered are the famous jailbreaking methods all the time. But there are some risks in full jailbreak solutions. S per Apple’s rules and regulations, a full jailbreak may void your device's warranty and potentially expose it to security.

Full jailbreaking has benefits and risks. But TyMax jailbreak is risk free solution and Apple cannot detect it and not void your device's warranty and potentially expose it to security

Here are some key points about iOS jailbreaking:

  • Benefits: Jailbreaking allows users to customize their device beyond what is possible with a stock iOS device. This includes installing themes, tweaking system settings, accessing the file system, and installing apps from third-party sources.

  • Risks: Jailbreaking can void your device's warranty and potentially expose it to security vulnerabilities if not done carefully. It can also cause instability or lead to issues such as crashes and performance problems.

  • Legal Status: Jailbreaking itself is not illegal in many countries, including the United States, thanks to an exemption from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that allows users to jailbreak their own devices for certain purposes, such as installing legally acquired software.

  • Tools: Various tools have been developed over the years to facilitate the jailbreaking process, such as Pangu, TaiG, and unc0ver. These tools typically exploit vulnerabilities in iOS to gain root access and install a package manager, such as Cydia or Sileo, which allows users to browse and install jailbreak tweaks and apps.

  • Compatibility: Jailbreaks are often specific to certain versions of iOS and particular devices. Before attempting to jailbreak your device, it's important to ensure that there is a compatible jailbreak tool available for your device and iOS version.

  • Security: Apple takes security seriously and regularly patches vulnerabilities exploited by jailbreaks in iOS updates. This means that users who wish to jailbreak their device often need to stay on an older version of iOS to maintain the ability to jailbreak.

iPhone Rebbot and TyMax Jailbreak

When you reboot a jailbroken iPhone, the device essentially returns to its non-jailbroken state until the jailbreak is re-enabled. This means that any tweaks, themes, or apps installed via Cydia / Sileo will not be active until the jailbreak is applied again.

But,you can reboot the TyMax jailbroken iPhone anytime and you no need to re-jailbreak the device again. So the TyMax jailbreak is the permanent jailbreak solution like untethered jailbreak.

Reason to use TyMax Tool

Unauthorized modification (bypassing Apple’s security features) can expose your device to problems, including heightened security vulnerabilities, system instability, and a significant reduction in battery life. Apple is generally against jailbreaking, regardless of the type (untethered, tethered, or semi-untethered).

However, TyMax is a semi-jailbreak tool, and it does not bypass Apple's security systems, so your devices are not exposed to security issues. Additionally, you can claim an Apple warranty at any time after jailbreaking with the TyMax jailbreak tool.

Once you have jailbroken using untethered, tethered, or semi-untethered solutions, you cannot use the OTA update method to upgrade your OS versions. However, you can use the OTA feature with TyMax.

More about TyMax

  • TyMax is an online tool and can be installed without third-party software
  • All the latest jailbreak tools are available as an IPA solution. As you may know, the IPA method has revocation issues. When you sideload any IPA using the sideloading method, it only works for 7 days. However, TyMax is a lifetime jailbreak and does not have a revocation issue.
  • The TyMax jailbreak tool can be installed anytime without requiring an OS restore or upgrade.

TyMax Jailbreak FAQ

  • Q - Is TyMax jailbreak untethered jailbreak solution
    A - No, TyMax is an online semi-jailbreak solution.

  • Q - Can install TrollStore / Misaka or KFD through TyMax Jailbreak
    A - No, You cannot install TrollStore or Misaka through TyMax.

  • Q - Can install TyMax from TrollStore IPA sideload
    A - No, TyMax is an online jailbreak and there is no way to install it through any IPA sideload method.

  • Q - Can install KFD apps from TyMax jailbroken Cydia 2 package
    A - Yes, you can install KFD support IPA files from Cydia 2.

  • Q - Can you install TyMax from other websites
    A - Yes, you can install TyMax from the Pangu8 Store / Sileem and zJailbreak app stores.

  • Q - Can install TyMax for free?
    A - Yes, you can install sileem free from the sileem upgrade code method and Pangu8 upgrade code method.

  • Q - Is the TyMax IPA base method
    A - No, you can install TyMax without the IPA sideload method.

  • Q - Do you need Windows or MacOS to install the TyMax
    A - No, you can install the TyMax directly from the mobile Safari ( Not macOS web Safari).

  • Q - Can install DirtyCow apps from TyMax
    A - No You cannot.