SFUISoft Clock

SFUISoft Clock is a No Jailbreak method, and it is supporting to change Lock Screen Clock.
SFUISoft Clock method support iOS 14 to iOS 15.7.1 versions. Read the step guide to apply SFUISoft Clock to the Lock Screen without jailbreak support.
Check the links below if you still want to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad. Then you can install a similar clock from the Cydia and Sileo store.

How to install SFUISoft Clock?

How to install SFUISoft Clock

SFUISoft Clock is a Dirtyc0w exploit support method. The Cydia and Sileo users also can install SFUISoft Clock after jailbreaking the devices. Read below to install SFUISoft Clock through Cydia and sileo. There is no direct install link for the SFUISoft Clock app.
You can apply SFUISoft Clock from the Dirtc0w support WDBFontOverwrite application.
Download the WDBFontOverwrite IPA from the below link.

TrollStore is the best one to install the WDBFontOverwrite app because once you install IPA from the TrollStore, you can use it lifetime ( without revoking).
If you cannot install TrollStore, use the AltStore or Sideloadly method.

How to use SFUISoft Clock ?

DC jailbreak exploit also support latest iPhone 14 Jailbreak and iPhone 13 Jailbreak. Here it is the full support device list for the DC jailbreak.

  • Step 01. Install the WDBFontOverwrite from above.
  • Step 02. Now you need SFUISoft Clock support .ttc files. Download ..ttc file from below.
  • Step 03. Save the .ttc files to the files folder.
  • Step 04. Open the WDBFontOverwrite app and tap the ( import custom fonts with fix for .ttc ) option.

  • Tap options on WDBFontOverwrite app

  • Step 05. Import the fonts from the file folder.
  • Step 06. Now tap Apply Fonts.
  • Step 07. Now Tap Restart SpringBoard.
  • Step 08. Now check the Lock Screen.

SFUISoft .ttc files

1. New SFUISoft Clock : [IOS14-15] Google Sans

Link Downloads: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoIlgtK9vy

New SFUISoft Clock

2. New SFUISoft Clock : [IOS14-15] WorldCup_Quata

Link Downloads: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoIlgtK9vy

New WorldCup_Quata

3. New Icon Lock : Space_Guy

Download Now : https://github.com/YangJiiii/trol

New Space_Guy

4. New Icon Lock : YangFunny

Download Now : https://github.com/YangJiiii/trol

New YangFunny

5. New SFUISoft Clock : [IOS14-15] Lineat

Link Downloads : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoIlgtK9vy

New Lineat

6. New SFUISoft Clock : [IOS14-15] NewYear

Link Downloads : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoIlgtK9vy

New NewYear

7. New SFUISoft Clock : [IOS14-15] Major

Link Downloads : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoIlgtK9vy

New Major

For more SFUISoft Clock .ttc files, follow YangJiii ( Developer ) on Twitter

SFUISoft Clock through Cydia and Sileo

Jailbroken iPhone and iPad users can install SFUISoft Clock from the Cydia and sileo package managers.
Add the YangJiii repo from the below link and install the SFUISoft Clocks.

New Major

Repo Link - https://yangjiiii.github.io/repo/

SFUISoft Clock Developer


YangJiii is the developer of SFUISoft Clock. Twitter Link