Jailbreak iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 jailbreak now possible with Palear1n tool and other verified jailbreak methods.

Select your device model from the below to get the most suitable jailbreak method to install jailbreak /Cydia and sileo features.

These all methods are also compatible with iOS 16.3.1 -16.3 jailbreak / iOS 16.2.1 - 16.2 Jailbreak / iOS 16.1.2 - 16.1 Jailbreak and iOS 16.0.3 to 16 Jailbreak.

Palear1n Jailbreak

According to your select iPhone and iPad model, the palear1n jailbreak tool is the best one to use. The Palear1n jailbreak is still not been tested on iOS 16.4 RC.If you have already jailbroken iOS 16.4 Beta versions from the Palear1n tool, stay as it is.

The palea1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool and installs cydia default.

The palear1n into palen1x method is the best one to use and smoothly runs on windows and mac operating systems.

 Palear1n iOS 16.4 jailbreak

Compatible methods for iOS 16.4 / A12 - A15

The Palear1n jailbreak tool is not available to your selected device model. From the below methods, you can get jailbreak / cydia and sileo features for your iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 running A12 to A15 devices.

Select Operating system

Online Methods

Online methods are the easiest way to install sileo or Cydia on your iPhone and iPad Device. These methods also support Palear1n support A9 to A11 devices.

Solution 1 - Hacks Now Online semi-jailbreak

HacksNow online semi-jailbreak tool support all device running iPhone 14 / iPhone 13. Also Hacks Now support iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.2.1 Hacks Now is a newly released solution for iOS 16.4 jailbreak. This method also supports iOS 16.3 jailbreak.

After completing the hacks Now jailbreak, you can choose the best package manager from Cydia, Sileo, Cydia2, and black cydia.

hacks now online jailbreak

How to install Hacks Now tool

Hacks now semi-jailbreak tool can install from the pangu8 app store.

Hacks Now the online semi-jailbreak tool can install within a few minutes of time without computer help.

Just open this page from mobile safari and click the above download button.

Now it will save to your settings page. Go through the Settings page and tap the download profile and complete the install process.

After installing the Pangu8 store, go to jailbreak solutions and install the Hacks Now.

how to install Hacks Now

How to use hacks Now tool to install Cydia and Sileo

Hacks Now iOS 16.4 jailbreak guide easy to complete and follow the step guide.

Open the hacks Now online jailbreak tool from the iPhone or iPad.

Tap the start now button to start iOS 16.4 jailbreak.

After completing, the jailbreak process you can install the best package manager as per your wish.

Use HacksNow to install Cydia & Sileo

Solution 2 - Sileem Repo Extractor

Sileem is a jailbreak repo extractor jailbreak solution for iOS 16.4 version. With the sileem repo extractor method, iOS 16.4 users can install popular virtual jailbreak tools / Jailbreak tweaks /Jailbreak themes / Jailbreak widgets, and many more features.

The sileem repo extractor solution supports English and Japanese languages. If you are a Japanese user, you can install the Japanese language sileem version.

Sileem is a without-PC jailbreak method and you can install the sileem jailbreak method from the mobile safari.

sileem jailbreak ios 16.3

How to Install sileem?

Make sure to open this page from mobile safari. Then tap the above Sileem download button.

Now that sileem is installed on your settings page open the setting page and to the download profile section and complete the installation process.

sileem install guide

How to use the Sileem repo extractor?

The sileem repo extractor method is easy to use and follows up the below guide.

  • Open the Sieem repo extractor from the iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the All Repo URL.
  • Copy the Repo URL.
  • Tap the extract repo button and paste the copied URL and tap extract.

how to use sileem

Solution 3 - Palear1n virtual terminal jailbreak

Palera1n is a semi-tethered checkm8 jailbreak and currently supports up to iOS 16.3. With this exploit, Palear1n's JB team has developed a virtual terminal jailbreak tool for iOS 16.4.

The palear1n virtual terminal jailbreak tool currently supports every iPhone and iPad device running iOS 16.4. Also, Palear1n virtual tool supports iPhone 14 jailbreak and iPhone 13 jailbreak.

Palear1n virtual terminal jailbreak

How to install Palear1n virtual jailbreak tool

The palera1n virtual terminal tool can install directly from the zJailbreak Pro app store. Tap the above download palear1n button to install the zJailbreak app store.

Now open the zJailbreak app store and install the palear1n virtual jailbreak tool.

Palear1n Install guide

How to use Palear1n jailbreak tool?

Now go to the palear1n website IPSW section and copy the correct IPSW file according to your device model.

Open the plarea1n jailbreak tool and paste the copied IPSW file and run the tool.

how to use unc0ver black cydia

Jailbreak process running and wait a few seconds.

Now Palera1n app installing on your device.

Open the palear1n jailbreak app and tap the jailbreak button to complete the sileo install process.

how to use Palear1n jailbreak

Solution 4 - Zeon App Store

Zeon App store is another jailbreak features installing method for iOS 16.4 version. The Zeon App store also supports iOS 16.3 to iOS 16 jailbreak.

Zeon is not a full jailbreak solution, but you can install Cydia, Sileo, and popular jailbreak features from the Zeon App store.

Zeon jailbreak

How to install Zeon?

Tap the above download button to install the zeon application manager.

Now open the Zeon application manager.

Now you can install Cydia/Sileo/Virtual jailbreak tools / Jailbreak tweaks from the zeon app store.

Zeon install Guide

Solution 5 - Tweak App Stores

Tweak App stores is another available method to install jailbreak features / Tweaks / Apps for iOS 16.4 devices.

TuTuApp/AppCake/TuTuBox/Appvally/Cokernutx/ Rocket Store/NoCodeHub/TweakHome are the famous tweak app store for the install jailbreak features.

Apart from these stores, also is available more than 30 tweak app stores are to install jailbreak features for iOS 16.4.

Tweak App Stores

Solution 6 - Install Cydia and Sileo - No jailbreak

iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 users can install Cydia and sileo application managers directly from the zJailbreak and Zeon App stores.

You do not need to jailbreak your devices to install zJailbreak and Zeon Cydia and sileo.

you no need to use a computer to install cydia and sileo because this is a direct method.

Install Cydia & Sileo via zJailbreak

Solution 7 - Install Themes

Change Home Screen theme and lock screen theme is another main purpose of the jailbreak. Even without iOS 16.4 full jailbreak,iPhone users can change the Home screen and lock screen themes.

From the Ela theme store, iOS 16.4 users can change the home screen theme.

Install Themes

How to install Ela Themes?

Ela Themes can install from the Zeon app store. Tap the zeon install button to download to settings.
Then open the zeon app store.
Navigate to Ela themes and install the Ela themes store

Solution 8 - Apple store method to change Home Screen and Lock Screen

iOS 16.4 users and iPadOS 16.4 users can customize the Lock Screen and Home Screen from the apple store application.

To use these methods, you do not need to install the Cydia or Sileo package managers.

These methods support every device running iOS 16.4.

Method 1 - ShowCuts

ShowCuts is an Apple store application. With the Showcuts method, iOS 16.4 users can change the Lock screen theme and Home Screen theme.

ShowCuts requires an Apple store Siri shortcut application. The Siri shortcut app comes default and if you do not have a shortcut app on your Home screen, go to the App store and install the shortcut application.

The Showcuts is a jailbreak-free method and support every iPhone devices,but this method does not compatible with iPad models.


Method 2 - Shortcut

From the shortcut method, iOS 16.4 users can change the home screen icons. This method is a jailbreak-free method and only needs to install the Apple shortcut app.

This method supports every iOS 16.4 device and iPadOS 16.4 device. Make sure to install the Siri shortcut application before installing theme icons.

Please note - This is not a full root theme and not functioning like cydia themes.


Solution 9 - Magic wallpapers

iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 users can change the whole look of the iPhone and iPad lock screen and home screen from the magic wallpapers.

These wallpapers are specially built for non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad users to customize their home screen and lock screen. Jailbroken users can also use this method to customize the Home screen and lock screen.

Even you can hide the home screen dock and customize it from this method.

For the installation, you have to save the magic wallpapers to your camera roll and set them as home screen wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper.

iOS 16.4 magic wallpapers

Solution 10 - Apple Shortcuts ( Siri Shortcuts )

Siri shortcut is another no-jailbreak method to get jailbreak features for iOS 16.4. From this method, you can install some popular jailbreak features to iOS 16.4 without jailbreaking your devices.

Even this method support to installation of the cydia lite version. The Siri shortcut app only requires the application to install shortcut tweaks.

This shortcut method support every iPhone and iPad device running iOS 16.4 version.

iOS 16.4 Apple Shortcuts

PC Methods

These methods requires Windows or macOS computers. If you do not have a PC, you can use the above online jailbreak methods to install Cydia and sileo features.

Solution 1 - AltStore + Dirtyc0w exploit

AltStore 1.6.1 version released with many new features. Now AltStore users can remove 3 app limitations with the 1.6.1 update.

Unfortunately, AltStore 1.6.1 is for everyone but 3 app limitations remove only for the dirtyc0w exploit running iOS versions.

So iOS 14.0 - 16.1.2 (excluding 15.7.2) users can remove AltStore 3 app limitations.

But still, iOS 16.4 users can use the AltStore method to sideload Jailbreak IPA files.

AltStore + Dirtyc0w exploit

Solution 2 - Sideloadly Method

Sidelodly IPA sideload method now supports iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 versions. The sideloadly method supports both windows and mac operating systems.

With the 0.40 version update, Sideloadly brought new features. So with this new update, users can install multiple applications and automatically app refresh.

If you run the blow 0.40 version, better to update the sideloadly to the latest to bring smooth IPA sideload for the iOS 16 and above versions.

Sideloadly jailbreak for ios 16.4

Solution 3 - SideStore sideloads method for iOS 16.4

SideStore is an IPA installer for iOS and iPadOS. The sidestore is an alternative to Altstore and works without an alt server.

So you can replace altstore from the sidestore application. Also, you can install up to 10 IPA applications from the sidestore.

You cannot install Sidestore without a PC connection and you also need WireGuard VPN from the Apple store.

SideStore jailbreak for ios 16.4

Solution 4 - Senumy IPA Library

Senumy has published the world's biggest IPA store. From this IPA store, all iPhone and iPad users can install the most popular IPA applications.

After downloading the IPA from the senumy IPA library, you can use the AltStore method or Sideloadly method to install IPA applications.

Also, you can install Online based IPA applications from the senumy IPA library.

Senumy IPA Library for 16.4

Other available methods for iOS 16.4 Jailbreak

Apart from the above solutions, there are more non-jailbroken solutions. These methods have not been tested properly and you have to take your own risk.

  • Pikzo jailbreak - Pikzo is a repo signer for iOS 16.4. From this method, iOS 16.4 users can install jailbreak tweaks/Themes/Widgets/Emulators/hack apps.

  • Cripzi jailbreak - Cripzi also repos signing service and offers a wide range of jailbreak tweaks and features. If you already install the Zeon repo extractor, these signing services are useless.

  • U04S Store - U04S Store is a Unc0ver online instll signing service.

  • E-sign Signer - With the E-sign Signer, iOS 16.4 users can sign and install any apps.

  • Reposi Jailbreak - Reposi is another repo extract jailbreak solution and offers the same zeon repo extractor experience.

  • Taig9 IPA Store - iOS 16.4 users can install popular jailbreak tweaks from the Taig9 IPA Store.

  • Themone - Theme collection store for iOS 16.4 devices. With the Themone solution, you can install popular cydia themes and get the cydia theme experience.

  • Tweakut - Siri Shortcut-based application store. You can install popular jailbreak tweaks and features from Tweakut.

  • Saynmo - The saynmo is not a jailbreak tool, but you can limited cydia from this solution.

  • Pangu8 - Pangu8 team build their own store to install jailbreak features.

  • Sileem - English and Japanese-based application store.

  • Lunimo is a repo extractor - A specially designed repo extractor method for iOS 16.4.

  • Zee0snow Store - Can install Cydia/Sileo/Zebra applications.

  • P0blinzi Store - Virtual jailbreak store . Can install Uncover / Checkra1n/Palear1n/Xina/Cheyote virtual jailbreak tools.

  • Phoblix Store - Collection of third-party apps.

  • Xzotyhack Store - Dirtyc0w support tweaks.

  • Upmoze Store - Theme Store for iOS 16.4.

  • zOurin Store - ++ Apps and Mobile OS collection store.

Dirtyc0w jailbreak for iOS 16.4

Dirtyc0w is a trending method and supports customized iOS and iPad devices without root. The Dirtyc0w is not a jailbreak tool, but you can install popular jailbreak features for your iPhone and iPad Devices.

The Dirtyc0w method only supports up to iOS 16.1.2 version and does not support iOS 16.4 or iPadOS 16.4.

From the dirtyc0w method, you can change the home screen theme / Hide dock / Control center change / Lock screen clock change / File access / Cellular name change / Passcode customize and many more jailbreak features.

Cowabunga / DynamicCow/ WDBFontOverwrite/ DopeCow/ NoHomeBar/ WDBRemove Three App Limt/ CarTube/TrollLock Reborn are the popular methods of the cowabunga.

Click below download link to expand more details about Dirtyc0w

Best Sileo / Cydia repos for iOS 16.4

After completing the jailbreak process of iOS 16.4, you need trust and safe sileo and zebra repos to install Jailbreak tweaks / Widgets / Themes.

For your easy reference, we listed the best repos list for iOS 16.4. This is a very easy method to add sileo and cydia repositories to your device.

Just tap the repo links from your jailbroken device.

Upcoming jailbreak tools for iOS 16.4

Xina Jailbreak - Xina jailbreak, also known as XinaA15 jailbreak, currently supports jailbreak for iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 A12 to A15. According to their Twitter news and some trusted Reddit posts, they are working on supporting iOS 16 and above.

Checkm8 jailbreak - The popular checkra1n jailbreak is a checkm8-based jailbreak tool, also known as the palear1n jailbreak tool. So, a checkm8-based jailbreak tool is expected to be released in the near future for iOS 16.4.

Fugu jailbreak - The Fugu jailbreak team recently released the Fugu15 jailbreak. Before releasing the Fugu15 jailbreak, they released the Fugu14 jailbreak tool. Using these two exploits, the unc0ver team released semi-untethered jailbreak tools. It is possible that they will release the Fugu16 exploit in the future.

Ra1ncloud Jailbreak - The ra1ncloud jailbreak currently supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.4.1 jailbreak. As per some jailbreak experts, it is a mirror version of the fugu15 jailbreak. The sileo is the default package manager for the ra1ncloud jailbreak.

Fugu15 Max Jailbreak - Fugu15 Max jailbreak is a "traditional" jailbreak supporting tweak injection through the Ellekit method. The opa334 is the developer of the Fugu15 Max Jailbreak tool.

Fake Jailbreak sites and Tools

On the internet there are so many fake and scam iOS 16.4 pretend jailbreak sites and tools. Most of these scam sites are registered with advertisement companies and they get large amounts of revenue.

Here are the famous scam websites and tools that predict iOS 16.4 Jailbreak. These sites are complete scam sites and you cannot install cydia from these scam sites.

  • unc0ver.vip
  • unc0ver.dev
  • Checkrain.com
  • Checkrain.org
  • Checkra1n-windows.com

iOS 16.4 Jailbreak methods fix from iOS 16.4.1 / 16.5 updates

Apple always hates jailbreaking methods that support to do unauthorized modifications. The Palear1n semi-tethered jailbreak and other jailbreak solutions currently support iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 versions.

As per past experience, apple will be releasing iOS 16.4.1 or iOS 16.5 version to fix iOS 16.4 jailbreak methods.

If Apple releases iOS 16.4.1 or iOS 16.5 version without any beta releases, stay away from these releases.

Popular Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 16.4

After the Palear1n jailbreak was released for iOS 16.4, users can now install popular jailbreak tweaks and apps. Here are the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 16.4.

1. BioProtect XS Jailbreak Tweak for iOS 16.4

The BioProtect XS jailbreak tweak now supports to iOS 16.4 version. So now iOS 16.4 users can add extra protection to iPhone and iPad devices from the BioProtect jailbreak tweak.

2. AquaBoard XS

AquaBoard XS is adding water drop effects to the springboard. There are so many water drop affects themes available.

3. AutoAnswer XS

AutoAnswer is a popular tweak and support for auto-answering calls. From the AutoAnswer XS tweak, you can answer automatically phone calls / Facetime calls / Whatsapp calls / Viber calls / Skype Calls.

4. Nexus

The Nexus is a Next-level lockscreen customization for lock screens.

5. FingerLock

Can unlock the device from the fully customized lock screen button.

iOS 16.4 RC and above jailbreak solutions

All above lite jailbreak tools were tested on iOS 16.4 RC devices and all solutions working fine. But Palear1n jailbreak still not working iOS 16.4 RC release.

If you have already jailbroken iOS 16.4 Beta versions from the Palear1n jailbreak solution and wait for the confirmation to upgrade the devices to iOS 16.4 RC.

If you have a device above iOS 16.4 Running A 12 and above, you can upgrade the device to iOS 16.4 RC.

iOS 16.4 Jailbreak FAQ

  • Question- Can I downgrade to iOS 16.1.2 to install Dirtyc0w exploit?

    Answer - No you cannot downgrade iOS 16.4 to iOS 16.1.2 or lower.

  • Question - Can install Cydia from Sileo?

    Answer - Yes iOS 16.4 users can install sileo from the sileo app.

  • Question - I have iPhone 14 Plus and can i use Palear1n tool?

    Answer - No the palear1n jailbreak is only for A9 to A11 devices.

  • Question - Can I remove the palear1n tool to claim an apple warranty?

    Answer - Yes, you can remove palear1n jailbreak anytime.

  • Question - I do not have a PC, and can I still use the above jailbreak solution?

    Answer - Yes. But Palear1n jailbreak needs a windows or mac computer. For other methods, you do not want a computer to complete the jailbreak process.

  • Question - Can i use above solutions for my iPad?

    Answer - Yes all above jailbreak solutions comaptible for iPad devices also.