iOS 17 – 17.0.2 Jailbreak

iOS 17  / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 version can jailbreak from the below-listed solutions.  Download the listed solutions to install Jailbreak Tweaks / Themes for iOS 17 through Sileo and Cydia package managers.

1. Support Jailbreak Tools

In this section, you can explore the best jailbreak method for the iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions. All the tools we checked manually and installed some popular jailbreak tweaks / Themes for iOS 17 running iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 and iOS 17.0.2 running iPhone 15.

1.1 – Unc0ver Black Jailbreak Tool

Unc0ver black is an online jailbreak tool and can install the Cydia extended ( Cydia Black ) version. The Unc0ver Black is a modified version of the Unc0ver semi-tethered jailbreak tool. It was initially released for iOS 16 and now it is available for iOS 16.7 Jailbreak and iOS 17 versions.

Unc0ver black for iOS 17 jailbreak

1.2 Dopemine Jailbreak

The Dopemine tool also online jailbreak method and was specially released for the iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions.  The Dopemine tool is fully compatible with all the latest iPhone models such as A12 to A16. The users can choose the default package manager from the Sileo and Zebra. This is the special part of the dopamine tool.

Dopemine Jailbreak iOS 17

1.3 Zeon Jailbreak Repo Extractor

Zeon repo extractor is the world’s best repo extractor jailbreak method. The iOS 17  / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 users can install the most famous jailbreak Tweaks / Jailbreak Themes / Widget / ++ Apps / Games from the Zeon repo extractor jailbreaking method.

Zeon for iOS 17 jailbreak

1.4 Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak

The Palera1n virtual jailbreak is the best method to install the Sileo Package Manager for the iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions. Unlike Palera1n’s semi-tethered jailbreak method, virtual jailbreak is an online solution and supports every iPhone model running iOS 17.

Palera1n vierual for iOS 17 jailbreak

1.5 Fugu 17 – Newly Released

The Fugu 17 is a newly released jailbreaking method for the iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions. But Fugu 17 Jailbreak is only for iOS 17 and above versions and is not compatible with iOS 17 versions and below. The Sileo is the default package manager for Fugu17 Jailbreak.

Fugu17 for iOS 17 jailbreak

1.6 Sileem Repo Extractor Jailbreak

The Sileem Repo extractor is the another iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 and iPadOS 17  / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions jailbreak method. It allows to Download Cydia / Sileo by extracting the repos. Also, it can be used for installing some famous jailbreak tweaks / Themes / Hack Apps / Virtual Jailbreak tools / Lifestyle tweaks / Development Toos, and much more.

Sileem repo extractor for iOS 17 jailbreak

2. Jailbreak App Managers for iOS 17

Once your iOS 17  / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 devices are jailbroken from the above jailbreak solutions, you can install the preferred package manager. In this section, you can get an idea what are the available package managers for iOS 17.

2.1 Cydia – Popular One

The Cydia is the most popular package manager of the Jailbreak community. But currently, Cydia is outdated and Saurik not updating it, and seems to be it is discontinued.  But you can install the Cydia 2 app as an alternative to Cydia.

2.2 Sileo

Currently, Sileo is the most popular application store in the jailbreak community. Most latest jailbreak tools such as Palear1n / Taurine / Xina / Xina520 / Ponba / Neko / Odyssey jailbreak tools’s default package manager the Sileo.

2.3 Zebra

The Zebra is another popular third-party app store for jailbroken devices after Cydia and Sileo. The Zebra cannot install without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPadOS Devices. But you can install the Zebra Lite version for iOS 17.

2.4 Cydia 2

The Cydia 2 is a non-root application manager for iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions and iPadOS 17/ iPadOS 17.0.1 /iPadOS  17.0.2 versions. So you can install Cydia 2 without jailbreaking your iPhone devices. Currently, Cydia 2 is a common application store for virtual jailbreak tools and Semi-jailbreak solutions. You can install the Cydia 2 from the Cydia 2 website.

2.5 Cydia Black

The Cydia black is the upgraded and modified version of Cydia’s official version. You can install Cydia black from the Unc0ver black jailbreak tool. The iOS 17 users can install the most popular jailbreak tweaks /Themes / Widgets / ++ Apps from the Cydia Black application manager.

2.6 Cydia Lite

The Cydia Lite is the modified version of the Cydia app. You can install the Cydia Lite version from the Checkra1n Mirror Jailbreak tool.

2.7 Sileo Lite

The Sileo Lite is the mirror version of the Sileo app manager. The iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 users can install the Sileo Lite from the Palera1n Virtual / Dopemine and Fugu17 Jailbreak tools.

2.8 Zebra Lite

The Zebra Lite is the mirror version of the Zebra official version. The iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 users can install the Zebra Lite version from the Dopemine Jailbreak solution.

3. iOS 17 Jailbreak Compatibility

iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 are the latest version of the Apple and along with iOS 17 releases, The iPadOS 17 is also available for the Apple community.

This is the compatible device list for the above jailbreak solutions. We still have not tested the above jailbreak solutions from the iPhone 15 / iPhone 15 Plus / iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max Devices.

iOS 17.0.2 is the latest version for iPhone 15 / iPhone 15 Plus / iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • A16 – iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max
  • A15 – iPhone 14 & 14 Plus / iPhone 13 & 13 Mini / iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max / iPhone SE (3rd generation) /iPad mini (6th generation)
  • A14 – iPad (10th generation) / iPad Air (4th generation) / iPhone 12 & 12 Mini / iPhone 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max
  • A13 – iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max / iPhone SE (2nd generation) / iPad (9th generation)
  • A12 – iPhone XS & XS Max / iPhone XR / iPad Mini (5th generation) / iPad Air (3rd generation) / iPad (8th generation)
  • A12 X – iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation) / iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)
  • A12 Z – iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) / iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation)
  • A11 – iPhone 8 & 8 Plus / iPhone X

4. Jailbreak Guides

You have to complete the above jailbreak guides correctly to install the preferred package manager. In this section, you can get the correct jailbreak guides to install a package manager.

4.1 Unc0ver Black Guide

The Unc0ver Black jailbreak tool is not an IPA method and you can install the Unc0ver Black tool without any sideload method such as AltStore / Sideloadly and TrollStore.

  • Install the Unc0ver Black tool from here
  • Open Unc0ver Black tool
  • Tap Start
  • Tap Continue 
  • Tap Go
  • Tap the Download button to Install Cydia
Unc0ver Black Guide

4.2 Dopemine Guide

The Dopemine tool is an online solution and you can install it from the Safari browser as an online method.

  • Install the Dopemine Tool from here
  • Tap Jailbreak Button
  • Choose Sileo or Zebra ( Tap Sileo, if you are unsure )
  • Tap Continue
  • Jailbroken 
  • Tap the Allow button to install Sileo ( Or Zebra )
Dopamine Guide

4.3 Zeon Repo Extractor Guide

The Zeon Repo Extractor method is not the same as the above guides. You have to extract the Cydia or Sileo repo to install.  Follow the below guide to install Cydia or Sileo for iOS 17.

  • Install Zeon Repo Extractor from here
  • Tap get Repos
  • Copy the following Repo URL
    • For Sileo – Palera1n JB Virtual Repo  ( https://repo.palera1n.com/)
    • For Cydia – Check ra1n Virtual Repo ( http://repo.checkra1nvjb.com/)
  • Tap the Extract Repo button – Paste the copied URL’s
  • Tap Extract
  • Now you can install the Cydia or Sileo
Zeon installaion Guide

4.4 Palera1n Guide

The Palera1n Virtual tool supports to install Sileo. Follow the below Palear1n guide to install Sileo.

  • Install the Palear1n Virtual tool from here
  • Open the Palera1n IPSW app
  • Copy the IPSW file
  • Open the Palear1n Terminal app
  • Paste the IPSW code in the Terminal app
  • Tap Download Palear1n 
  • Open Palera1n App
  • Tap the Install button to install Sileo
Palera1n Virtual installation guide

4.5 Fugu17 Guide

The Fugu17 Jailbreak is a online jailbreking method. Here is the Fugu17 Jailbreak Guide.

  • Install the Fugu17 Jailbreak tool from here
  • Open Fugu17 App
  • Tap Jailbreak button
  • Tap Install button to install Sileo

4.5  Sileem Repo Extractor guide

  • Install Sileem Repo Extractor from here
  • Tap Get repos
  • Copy repo URL and paste to extract
  • Now you can install Apps and tweaks from Sileem

5. Upcoming Jailbreak Tools

Some Untethered and Tethered full jailbreak solutions are coming soon for the iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions. From this section, you can get an idea what are the upcoming JB solutions for the Jailbreak community.

5.1 Corellium Tool

After releasing iOS 17 to the public users, the Corellium team successfully jailbroken the iOS 17 version.

Read More about Corellium iOS 17 Exploit

Corellium iOS 17 iPhone 14 Pro Max Jailbreak

6. Old Jailbreak Tools for iOS 17

Some Old Jailbreak Tools such as Check ra1n / Taurine / Unc0ver / Palera1n / Xina are compatible with the iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions as a virtual jailbreak solution.

The Check ra1n and Taurine are the most popular old jailbreak solutions for iOS 17. You can install these old jailbreak tools in a new way.

7. Upcoming Non-Jailbroken Tools

Some Popular non-jailbroken ( Non-root) solutions are coming soon for the iOS 17 version. Here are the upcoming non-root exploits for the iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions.

7.1 Ponba Jailbreak

The Ponba Jailbreak is based on KFD Exploit and is currently available for iOS 16 to iOS 16.6 Beta versions. Once the KFD exploit is updated to iOS 17 versions.iOS 17 users have a good chance to use the Ponba Jailbreak tool.

7.2 NekoJB Jailbreak

The Neko Jailbreak is also a KFD exploit-based non-root method. The Neko Jailbreak is currently supported and coming soon for iOS 16 to iOS 16.6 Beta 1 versions. So once the KFD exploit is updated to iOS 17,we have a good chance to use Neko JB Jailbreak to install Sileo.

7.3 CowaBunga Lite

The CowaBunga Lite tool now completely supports to iOS 17 versions. With the CowaBunga Lite tool, you can Change Icon theming / Status bar / Control Center / SpringBoard Options / Internal Options, and Setup options.

Cowabunga iOS 17

8. iOS 17 features for iOS 16.7 and Below

Some famous iOS 17 features copied from the jailbreak community. So if you have a jailbroken Devices, you can install the famous iOS 17 features through Cydia and Sileo.

  • Contact posters –  iOS jailbroken users can feel this feature from the  – Telegram contact Photo / Linkedln contact Photo / Xing Contact Photo / PB contact Photo Cydia tweaks.
  • StandBy mode – 
  • Customise lock screen with widgets –  Yes, you can use the vanilla app and Siri Shortcut tweak to enable this feature on jailbroken devices.
  • Shared passwords – No specific tweak available to feel the shared password feature
  • ​​Messages stickers – You can use iStickers tweak to enable Message stickers on jailbroken iPhone
  • Screen Distance – No specific Cydia tweak available for this feature.

9. Non-Jailbreak App Stores for iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2

If you wish not to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad due to privacy / Warranty issues, you can use the non-jailbroken App managers to install Tweaks and Themes for iOS 17/ 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 versions .

  • AppCake – Appcake is the most famous non-jailbroken App store and it allows you to install ++ Apps / Hack Apps / Pirate Apps / Mod Games / Themes.
  • AppValley –  Appvalley is also a non-jailbroken App store for iPhone and iPad Devices. It allows you to install Apple-restricted apps / ++ Apps and Tweaks.
  • CokerNutx – CokerNutx is also a non-root application store for iPhones and iPads. It is compatible with iOS 15 and above versions.
  • zJailbreak – zJailbreak is the most popular application store for non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Currently, millions of users already installed the zJailbreak App Store.

10. Jailbreak Features for iOS 17.0.2 – 17

iOS 17.0.2 to iOS 17 users can install Jailbreak Themes / Tweaks / Widget from the following solutions.

10.1 Theme Install ( Sn0wBoardd alternative )

The sn0wBoard is the famous method to install Cydia Themes. The iOS 17.0.2 to iOS 17 users can install Sn0wBoard like themes from the Ela Theme Store.

The Ela Themes have more colorful and unique Cydia Themes.  The Ela Themes can install from the Zeon App Store.

10.2 Jailbreak Tweak Install for iOS 17

iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.2 users can install jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.2 users from the following applications.

DeamStore – The DreamStore is an alternative for DreamBoard tweak. The DreamStore tweak can install from the Zeon application.

10.3 Widget Install ( XenHTML alternative )

The XenHTML is the famous Jailbreak Tweak and it support to add elements and widgets for Home screen and Lock Screen. The iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.2 users can install the same features from the Metaw Application.

The Metaw is a perfect alternative to XenHtml Tweak. You can install Metaw from the Zeon Application.

iOS 17 Jailbreak News

There are some positive and negative news for the iOS 17 jailbreak community.

1. Corellium Demonstrate ( Positive )

The Corellium team successfully jailbroken iOS 17 running iPhone 14 Pro Max Device. This is the biggest news for the jailbreak community and those who are waiting for a jailbreak iPhone.

Read News from here

2. No More Cluckabunga for iOS 17 – ( Negative )

The Cluckabunga Developer ( LeminLimez ) just quit the KFD and no more Cluckabunga for iOS 17.

Cluckabunga for iOS 17

3. AltStore Updated to iOS 17 ( Positive )

The AltStore and AltServer just updated to iOS 17 with new features.

New interactive ‘Active Apps’ widget 

AltJIT on iOS 17 

No more Mail Plug-in

AltStore – iOS 17 Release note

The 1.7 version is the updated version for iOS 17 users.

4. CowaBunga Lite Released ( Positive )

The CowaBunga version 1.2.2 was released to iOS 17.  The CowaBunga Lite is the best jailbreak alternative at the moment for iOS 17 users.  Read the CowaBunga iOS 17 release note from github.

CowaBunga Lite for iOS 17

5. TrollStore no more for iOS 17 ( Negative )

The famous IPA sideload method ( No Revoke method ) is no more for iOS 17 version. At the moment AltStore is the only available method for IPA sideload for the iOS 17 version.

6. TrollStore 2 for iOS 17 ( Positive news )

The opa334 ( TrollStore developer ) confirmed that TrollStore 2 coming soon for iOS 16.7 to iOS 17 versions. But TrollStore 2 is not for iOS 17.0.1 and 17.0.2 versions.

TrollStore 2 for iOS 17

7. Corellium Support for iPhone 15 ( Positive news )

The Corellium Developers confirmed the Corellium next update coming soon for iPhone 15 Jailbreak.  

This will be good news for iOS 17.0.2 jailbreak because iOS 17.0.2 is the latest version for iPhone 15.

Corellium iPhone 15 jailbreak

8. iOS 17 Cydia and Sileo Coming Soon ( Reddit Post ) – Positive News

From the Reddit post confirmed iOS 17 will be jailbroken soon. So you have to prepare your iOS 17 / 17.0.1 / 17.0.2 iPhone Devices for jailbreak.

iOS 17 jailbreak reddit post

How to prepare your Device for 17 Jailbreak?

Here are the points for how to prepare your devices for iOS 17 Jailbreak.

  • Do not update to upcoming iOS versions – like 17.0.3 / 17.0.4 
  • Do not use hacking apps
  • Use iTunes method to upgrade iOS versions
  • Do not install pirate Tweaks 
  • Use official websites to install Apps and Tweaks

Other jailbreaking methods for iOS 17 – Not tested

Here are the other jailbreaking method that available for iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.2. However, we have not tested with iOS 17 to iOS 17.0.2 installed Devices. So you have to take your own risk. Once we test and confirm to use, we will list them as verified solutions.

  • Tig Xingo – Not tested
  • Reposi Repo Extractor Not tested
  • Themone – Not tested
  • Pikzo jailbreak – Not tested
  • Cripzi jailbreak – Not tested
  • Gbox ipa signer – Not tested

iOS 17 Jailbreak Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons ( Negative and positive ) of iOS 17 jailbreak.

Pros –

  • Can use both iOS 17 features and Jailbroken features together.
  • Improve Device features
  • Improve device performance
  • Change Homescreen and Lockscreen 
  • Install Widgets
  • Change respring Logo
  • Increase security – BioProtect Tweak
  • Carrier change
  • Game Hack
  • Tweak install 
  • Theme install

Cons –

  • Apple warranty issue – but you can remove or uninstall Jailbreak
  • Pirate Repo – You can skip pirate repo
  • Hacking issue – Install Tweaks from the repute Developers
  • Malware detect – Do not install Pirate apps or tweaks 
  • Battery Drain – You can use tweaks for improve battery health

iOS 17 Jailbreak ( People also ask ) FAQ

Q – Will iOS 17 Jailbreakable?

A – Sileem Repo extractor upgraded the tool for iOS 17. You can also use above mention jailbreak tools.

Q –  What is the best method to jailbreak iOS 17?

A –  Always Untethered jailbreak is the best method. But no untethered jailbreak solutions after Pangu8 / Taig / Fugu14 / Etas0n JB / Pangu9 and UntetherHomeDepot.

Q – Is iOS 17 best for jailbreak?

A – Yes, once jailbreak iOS 17, you can use both jailbroken and Non-jailbroken features

Q – Does Apple want you to iOS 17 Jailbreak?

A – No, Apple is always against iOS Jailbreak and modifications

Q – Can Apple detect iOS 17 Jailbreak?

A –  Apple cannot detect jailbreak after uninstall or iOS restore

Q – What will be lost after iOS 17 Jailbreak?

A –  Nothing lost. You can claim the Apple warranty after removing the jailbreak

Q – What will happen to iOS 17 after jailbreaking?

A – You can use the Jailbroken features after jailbreak iOS 17

Q – Can I downgrade iOS 17 to lower?

A –  Yes at this time ( 2023/9/20 ) you can downgrade to iOS 16.7 / 16.6.1

Q – Is there an iOS 17 Beta Jailbreak?

A –  At the moment no more iOS 17 Beta

Q – Is iOS 17 Jailbreak Free?

A –  Yes, Untethered / Tethered / Semi-tethered jailbreak is always free

Q – What is Tig Xingo Jailbreak?

A –  The Tig Xingo jailbreak has not been tested and will be updated soon

Q – What is the best Cydia Download method for iOS 17

A –  Refer above jailbreak methods