Jailbreak iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1

On this page, we have listed support tools to jailbreak iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 versions with newly introduced Ponba jailbreak and KFC jailbreak. All these methods do not avoid Apple rules and regulations. So all listed solutions are safe to use and we already tested them before listed on this page.

These listed solutions are also compatible with all the latest iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 and iPhone 12.

Number 1 Solution - Zeon Repo Extractor

Zeon Repo extractor is the most latest and secure jailbreak solution for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 jailbreak. The Zeon repo extractor was initially released for the iOS 14 versions and now it is the best Solution for iOS 17 jailbreak / iOS 16.6 jailbreak / iOS 16.4.1-16.4 Jailbreak.

By extracting the repo URL, you can install jailbreak apps / Tweaks / Themes and some popular jailbreak features.

Here are some popular Zeon repos to install jailbreak tweaks and apps.

Third-party app stores Repo - Can install popular third-party app stores by extracting this repo.

Palera1n jailbreak repo - Can install sileo application after extracting Palera1n jailbreak repo

Xina Jailbreak repo - Install Sileo for A15 devices after extracting the Xina jailbreak repo.

Checkra1n jailbreak repo - Can install Cydia package manager after extracting the checkra1n repo.

Themes repo - Can install popular cydia themes from this repo

Games repo -Tweak App repo - Install popular cydia games from this repo.

Zeon repo extractor iOS 16.5

Number 2 Solution - HacksNow online jailbreak

The hacksNow is the number 2 tested iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 jailbreak solution. It installs Cydia, Cydia 2, Cydia black edition, and Sileo Lite package managers. The HacksNow is an online jailbreak solution and this method is also compatible with iPadOS 16.5 jailbreak.

The HacksNow is initially released for iOS 16 jailbreak and nowadays it is updated to iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1. The following app stores are fully supported for the hacksNow online jailbreak.

Cydia - Lite version of full cydia.

Sileo - Lite version of full sileo.

Cydia 2 - The modified version of full cydia and default package manager for the Palera1n virtual jailbreak tool.

Cydia Black edition - Cydia Black edition is a default package manager for Unc0ver dark jailbreak tool.

hacksnow jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 3 Solution - Unc0ver Black Edition

The unc0ver black edition is a modified version of the unc0ver official jailbreak tool. The Unc0ver jailbreak tool only supports iOS 11 to iOS 14.8 versions only. Then unc0ver dark developers released the dark version tool to jailbreak iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1.

Cydia black edition - The cydia black edition is the default package manager for the Unc0ver Black edition tool.

Once you install cydia black edition for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1, you can install popular jailbreak features and apps.

Unc0ver Black edition is available on the zJailbreak app store. Tap the below link to install Unc0ver black edition tool from zJailbreak.

hacksnow jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 4 solution - Ponba jailbreak

Ponba jailbreak is a forthcoming jailbreak tool that allows Sileo installation. This jailbreak method is entirely compatible with A12 to A16 device models with iOS 16 - iOS 16.6.

Public will soon have the access to download Ponba jailbreak after the development process successfully completes. So once the Ponba jailbreak is released to the public you can download it from here.

Ponba jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 5 solution - KFD jailbreak exploit download

The KFD exploit currently supports iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 version. With KFD exploit you can many more new features to iPhone and iPad. Here are a few of the KFD exploits can do.

  • - Hide dock
  • - Hide Torch/Cam on LS
  • - Hide Homebar
  • - Font Overwrite
  • - Change Screen resolution
  • - Lock Screen Button change
  • - Misaka KFD
  • - Picasso
  • - SimpleKFD
  • - posi0nKFD

By using KFD exploit, developers released a few IPA methods to increase device performance and customization. Here are the popular KFD exploit support IPA methods.

Picasso KFD / SimpleKFD / Posi0nKFD (PosionKFD) / Cluckabunga KFD / Guang Zhang KFD / Fontoverwrite KFD

KFD jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 6 solution - CowaBunga Lite

The CowaBunga lite is a Dirtyc0w jailbreak method. The original Cowabunga does not support the latest iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 version. Then developers released the lite version of Cowabunga for iOS 16 to iOS 16.5 versions. The Cowabunga is not an online jailbreak method. The current version is only available for the macOS version, so you have to plug your device to mac to install features from the Cowabunga lite tool. You can get more iOS 16.5 jailbreak ideas from the idevicxecentral iOS 16.5 jailbreak page (https://idevicecentral.com/ios-16-5-jailbreak-download/).

The CowaBunga also fully supports all the latest iPhone jailbreaks such as iPhone 14 jailbreak / iPhone 13 jailbreak and iPhone 12 jailbreak.

The CowaBunga lite is not a full solution for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 jailbreak but you can install the following features from the Cowabunga lite tool.

Themes - Can install a few jailbreak themes from the Cowabunga lite. If you have downloaded Cydia icons, you can export them to Cowabunga lite tool.

Status Bar Customize - Can customize the status bar from this tool.

SpringBoard options - You can do the following changes from this section such as - Disable lock after respring / Disable low battery alerts / Disable screen dimming while charging / CC enabled on the lock screen and many more.

CowaBunga jailbreak iOS 16.5

Solution 7 - Palear1n Virtual Jailbreak

The palear1n virtual jailbreak is a modified version of the palear1n jailbreak. The original palear1n jailbreak tool still does not support iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 jailbreak So then the palear1n virtual team modified the tool for Jailbreak iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1. The sileo lite version is the default package manager for the Palear1n virtual tool.

The original version of palear1n jailbreak does not compatible with the latest iOS 16.5 jailbreak. Then palera1n virtual jailbreak team developed a virtual version to install sileo for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 version. The best part is the palear1n virtual jailbreak is fully supported with all the latest iPhone and iPad models running iOS 16.5 to iOS 16.

The original palear1n jailbreak tool was only for A8 to A11 models but this virtual tool supports every iPhone and iPad

hacksnow jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 8 - Sileem repo Extractor

Sileem is the best iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 Jailbreak solution, it uses the repo extracting method to install jailbreak tweaks and Apps. Sileem is the best iOS 16.5 Jailbreak solution, according to the Pangu8 Jailbreak tool reviews. However, we still recommend Zeon as the best one for iOS 14.5. Read the Pangu8 iOS 16.5 Jailbreak tool recommendations.

The sileem is a repo extracting method for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1. Currently,sileem supports Japanese and English languages.

The sileem repo extractor method also supports iOS 16.4/16.4.1 Jailbreak. If you are a Japanese user, go to the sileem Japanese website and install japan language version.

Popular repos of the Sileem Repo Extractor

Official Themes repo - You can change the sileem home page themes from this repo URL

Widget Repo - Can install Cydia-type widgets from this repo

System Tweak Repo - Can disable Screen Recordings / Photo capture from setting hack tweaks

ShowLive theme repo - This is Apple approved method to customize iOS 16.5 iPhone and iPad.

sileem jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 9 - Ela Themes ( Jailbreak Themes )

Ela Themes is a theme store for iPhone and iPad devices. From the Ela themes, you can install some colorful and beautiful themes without jailbreak iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 or iPadOS 16. / 16.5.15. At the moment, Ela Themes is fully compatible with iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1.

Ela themes can install from the zJailbreak and iBundles websites. The zJailbreak method is the best way to install Ela themes.

Here are some theme names available on the Ela Theme store.

  • 14 Dark Theme
  • 16 bit Theme
  • Beige Theme
  • Alegro Theme
  • BigSur Theme
hacksnow jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 10 - iBundles

iBundles is the 18-website bundle jailbreak solution. Each site has different solutions and different features. From the iBundles, you can access different websites by entering your own username and password. With the iBundles, you can install jailbreak tweaks / Jailbreak solutions / Jailbreak themes / Setting hack tweaks / DreamStore themes / OS store ( Computer OS es for iPhone ) / Online games, and many more unique solutions.

Here is a summary of iBundles partner websites.

Jailbreak solution website - Unique jailbreak solutions according to your iOS and device model.

Itweaks - World's largest tweak store.

Flemino website - Run computer oses on your iPhone.

Sudumo - Icon bundle collection.

Refizo website - Cloud hacking method to customize iPhone.

Exxumo Website - Setting hacks tweak - Can block screenshots / Block camera and many more setting tweaks blocks.

Metawu - Magic wallpapers for customizing iPhone home screen and lock screen.

iBundles jailbreak iOS 16.5

Number 11 - Reposi

The reposi is another repo-extracting jailbreak method for iOS 16.5 and also supports to iPadOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 version.

When compared with the Sileem repo extractor and Zeon repo extractor, the reposi method has fewer features and fewer tweaks and apps. So if you already installed a sileem or Zeon extractor, you do not need to install the Reposi method.

The Reposi also works with the latest iOS 16.5 Rc releases. Here it is the app list of the reposi. These apps also can install from the Sileem and Zeon methods.

Cydia Lite - Lite version of full Cydia.

Sileo Lite - Lite version of full sileo.

Virtual jailbreak tools - Can install Checkra1n / Unc0ver / Taurine virtual jailbreak tools.

Hacked games - List of hacked games.

Reposi iOS 16.5

Number 12 - ShowLive ( ShowCuts )

The showLive ( Showcuts ) is an AppStore-based no-jailbreak method for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1. From the ShowLive ( ShowCuts ). From the Showlive method, you can change the HomeScreen and LockScren themes without the sn0wboard theme engine.

But the showlive method does not compatible with the iPad Models. The showlive is a jailbreak-free method for iOS 16.5 and you do not need to use Cydia or sileo snowboard method to change the homescreen and lockscreen.

The Showlive can install directly from the Appstore and you should use Siri shortcut automation to install themes from the showlive.

ShowLive for iOS 16.5

Best Package managers for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1

Still no full jailbreak like Untethered or semi-untethered jailbreak unavailable for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 or iPadOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 versions. So you cannot install full Cydia or sileo from the Untethered or semi-untethered jailbreak solutions.

But from below package managers, you can install without a full jailbreak solution.

Cydia 2 - Cydia 2 is a default package manager of the HacksNow online jailbreak tool. Also, you can install Cydia 2 package manager from the Cydia2 website.

Sileo Lite - Sileo Lite is the default package manager for Palera1n / Xina virtual jailbreak tools. Also, HacksNow online semi-jailbreak tool also supports Sileo lite package install.

Cydia Lite - iOS 16.6 users can install the Cydia Lite package from the Checkra1n / Unc0ver and HacksNow virtual jailbreak tools.

Cydia Black - The Cydia black edition package can install from the Unc0ver black edition jailbreak tool.

Apple - AppStore apps for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 ( Get Jailbreak Features )

If you do not wish to jailbreak your iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 or iPadOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 models, you can use the following solutions to customize the iPhone and iPad models without a full jailbreak.

These all methods are available on the official Apple App Store and some features are available as an in-app purchase.

ShowLive - ShowLive ( Showcuts ) is a newly released method to customize iOS Device's Home Screen / Lock Screen’s theme change and icon change.

Glance - Glance is the without Jailbreak / Without Cydia method to change your Lock Screen

YoorWether - YoorWeather is a trending way to customize your home Screen and Lock Screen without jailbreaking the devices.

Siri Automation for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1

Airi Shortcut automation is another non-jailbreak method for iOS 16.5 / 16.5.1 and iPadOS 16.5 / 16.5.1. With the Siri automation, you can install jailbreak themes / Jailbreak tweaks and Jailbreak features.

The Siri shortcut automation is a jailbreak-free method and can use every iPhone and iPad model running 16.5.

You only need to install the Siri shortcut app from the Apple store and then tap the below button to get the most popular Siri automations.